Germany is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in Europe and across the globe.

With its unique culture, history, and natural scenery, it will be especially interesting this year as it celebrates an important anniversary: 25 years since the reunification of West and East Germany.

With that in mind, let’s see why Germany is a top travel destination!

Germany is celebrating 25 years of reunification

It’s difficult to believe that 25 years have passed since the unforgettable moment when the Berlin Wall was taken down, finally re-unifying the German people. In celebration of this significant anniversary, the German Ministry of Tourism is placing extra emphasis into increasing tourism to join in the nation’s joy and celebration.

Through the hashtag #germany25reunified, tourists and residents can share on the wonders of the country, which are endless considering the splendor and culture that can be found in Germany. Expect to be dazzled with special celebratory events and tours that have been created especially for the anniversary of reunification.

Germany’s tourist spots are stunning

Since the re-unification of Germany 25 years ago, many regions and beautiful locations in the country have been re-discovered, re-vamped and made accessible both to residents and tourists alike.

Among them is the gorgeous Spree Forest, which hosts beautiful canals and rivers and is situated among tranquil villages and trees. It’s a popular location for a short weekend boat trip, due to its approximation to Berlin.

If the purity of nature is what you’re looking for, Hainich National Park is one of the most unique regions in Germany. Once restricted from entry, it has become a lush and beautiful wild forest where animals and plants thrive. The stunning views, flora and fauna have captivated its visitors to such an extent, that UNESCO has deemed it a World Natural Heritage site.

Rügen Island is another popular tourist spot, especially for hikers and bikers who enjoy its rugged terrain and challenging cliffs. Of course, there are the classically popular tourist spots: big cities like Berlin and Hamburg, some of the most popular and unique destinations in the world.

Germany offers touristic spots for any kind of tourist throughout the year, whether the tourist is looking for a relaxing time, a crazy adventure, or looking forward to learning about the history of the nation.

Take a look at more stunning videos celebrating the reunification of Germany and see what awaits you!

Germany’s culture is unique

With a rich history going back centuries, Germany is one-of-a-kind when it comes to its culture, tradition and values. From the architecture to the language and traditional clothes, the German culture is easy to distinguish from any other location or people across the world. Some of the best aspects of Germany include:

  • The German people: Germans are known for their precision, structure, privacy and punctuality. They embrace hard work and industriousness, which is easy to see in the incredibly fast development over post-Cold War Germany. Behind the surface, German people are very friendly and helpful and have a keen sense of community. The nightlife is enthralling and a great way to meet people in a more laid back and friendly atmosphere.
  • The German Cuisine: If you have ever tasted the simple deliciousness of a Kinder Surprise, then prepare yourself for the more heavenly, sweet tastes coming from Germany. Host to a yearly chocolate festival, Germany ranks with Swiss and Belgian chocolate as the finest in the world. Sausages are also very popular in Germany, and you will find the best sausages made anywhere. It is the perfect location for those who enjoy pork-based cuisine as it’s found in a lot of dishes. Tourists must try their ample and varied alcoholic national beverages. Octoberfest has become globally popular because of German’s affinity for great tasting beer.
  • German Art & Music: Germany has some of the most significant contributions to music including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Wagner and considering their love for composition and precision, it is no surprise. Their architecture throughout the ages is also of particular significance, with detailed engravings on cathedrals, stunning castles and buildings. Both can be enjoyed throughout the country.

Germany’s celebration of its reunification will be an unforgettable event. Those who hope to take part will be taking the trip of a lifetime!