Off on an adventure? Travelling for business? Before you go, make sure you download our top 5 travel apps to make your expedition a runaway success.
Travel with Phone

 And before you panic about data roaming charges – take a deep breath! If you’re travelling in Europe, those charges have now been capped and, in spring 2014 they should have been abolished for good. If you’re travelling worldwide, there are now tonnes of options to help you keep data roaming charges under control so you can use your apps anywhere! Clever cheap data providers like can save you thousands (no really!) whilst a global SIM could also do a similar trick.

Right, so without further ado, get your holiday shorts on and get downloading our top 5 apps for canny, connected travellers…

1. Google Translate
Mon Dieu! Zis app iz tres bon! Et gratuit! (Sorry, it’s free). With Google Translate just a tap of a button away on your smartphone, you can make yourself understood (and get the jist yourself) wherever you are and whoever you’re talking to.

Forget the Rosetta stone or the Babel fish, Google Translate provides impressively accurate (though not infallible) translations to and from hundreds of languages. It even has a voice-to-text service so you can record a foreign sentence and get it translated immediately! Sounds like modern magic, doesn’t it? Well it sort of is! Absolutely indispensible if you want to avoid the classic British “Talk Loudly And Gesticulate Wildly” approach to foreign languages.

2. Tipulator
It’s hard enough navigating tip courtesy is this country, let alone overseas. For instance, if you leave a 10% tip in Japan, your generosity will cause terrible offence. Meanwhile, in New York, a 10% tip will have you hounded out of town. Fortunately Tipulator will do just the trick, calculating your gratuity mathematically and culturally to make sure you don’t cause any offence wherever you eat – all for 99p!

3. Perfect World Clock
Not the most exciting app of all time (ha ha) but certainly very useful. Perfect World Clock means no more confusing addition or subtraction for your travel weary, jetlagged brain – you can even pop multiple clocks on your display screen to keep you prompt whatever continent you’re on.

4. TravelSafe Pro
Essential for all safety-conscious travellers – especially if you plan to explore a number of different countries. TravelSafe Pro contains almost every emergency number around the world along with embassy details for every country you might visit, from the hospitable to the downright terrifying. If you’re feeling especially vulnerable you can even pin numbers to direct dial from your home screen, whether you want a direct line to the Thai fire service or the Guatemalan police. Not bad for 99p.

5. HopSpot
Public transport information and journey planner for over 68 countries – and the database is always growing. HopSpot makes it possible for you to get from A to B, X to Y and Sweden to Norway