When dreaming of your Costa Rica adventure vacation there of course must be images of beach side cocktails, long relaxing siestas in the poolside hammock, or days and days soaking up the warm sunshine.

Cave Exploration

5. As much as everyone loves being able to relax and unwind during a vacation, it is important to remember that the body actually craves activity. Not necessarily a 5 AM jog first thing in the morning, but even the most subtle of activities such as a trekking holiday, or a bike ride through the beach town of your vacation rental, or even just the walk along the beach to view the sunset. While we all like to rest during vacation, it’s important not to become completely comatose during your days in tropical paradise.

4. Choose vigorous activities help balance out the more gluttonous parts of a vacation. Sure, who doesn’t like to try all of the different gastronomies of a city, enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, and of course order that plate of flambé! To make sure that you don’t come home looking bloated and puffy, rent a bike rather then a car, take the stairs rather then an elevator, and try hiking the volcanoes rather then boarding the shuttle to the top.

EcoImmersion for Teachers

3. Adventurous activities are often times easier on the environment at well. The option of surfing rather then renting a jet ski or taking a boat ride eliminates the need for gasoline, and also gives your body some great exercise. Green activities like mountain biking, snorkeling, zip-lining, and nature tours also show the beauties of nature, which help remind tourists why we need to preserve these amazing ecosystems.

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2. Being adventurous is a great way to get out of your comfort zone. Sure, you like boat rides, fishing with friends, and enjoying the nightlife on your vacations, but when you step out of your box and try something new like zip-lining, kite boarding, paddle boarding, or repelling down a waterfall, you just might find some new passions. At first you might have to face some fears, but sometimes the adrenalin, and accomplishing something you never thought you could, makes for the best stories and experiences.

1. Actively exploring nature and searching for adventure is so much more exciting then just showing up for the ride. Take a zoo for example; of course it is cool to see all the animals and exotic reptiles and insects, but how much cooler is it to be taking a hike though the jungle to stumble upon a rare type of tree frog, an adorable howler monkey, or maybe even a jungle cat. It might be harder to get a snap shot in nature, but if you do, it is that much more of an accomplishment.

When visiting a tropical dream destination, and taking a Costa Rican Adventure Tour you are sure to come across tons of beautiful locations, lots of adventure activities, and great opportunities for everlasting memories. As appealing as it may sound to relax poolside reading your favorite book each day, you will be so grateful you got outside to explore a bit when you first sight a national Costa Rican blue morpho, see a spider monkey swing from tree to tree, or stand up on a surfboard for the very first time. Get out and see the country you have come to visit, and explore some adventure activities today.