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When planning a vacation it’s essential to do research on hotels around your destination area to find the perfect fit for you. Our hotel reviews provide important information that you should know and will help you choose the best hotel for your vacation. Browse through our hotel reviews below:


Best Hotels in Downtown Columbia, SC

Image via Flickr by TimothyJ Columbia exudes fun. The downtown area is ideal for guests who want to be in the center of all the action, and best of all, Columbia’s downtown is extremely affordable. This walkable city exhibits southern charm and hospitality at every turn. Here are the best downtown hotels in Columbia, SC: […]

Five Most Expensive Resorts

Top Five Most Expensive Resorts in the World

Bust out the doe because your about to see the five most expensive resorts in the world that is guaranteed to suck-up your entire retirement savings and will rock your world all in one night!

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