Whether you’re looking to fall in love or take a memorable trip with that special someone, Paris is the place to go. After all, it is known as the romance capital of the world.

But Paris is not a low-cost city. Costs can quickly add up as hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions empty your pocket.

However, there are frugal upsides to travelling to Paris, so enjoying it while on a budget is certainly possible.

Paris on a Budget

For starters, due to the number of flights entering Paris, prices can be quite affordable. For example, round-trip flights from Edinburgh to Paris are £91 and up, while the direct flight Aberdeen Paris by Air France is currently at £135 round trip. Similarly, other flight and travel deals can be found from a variety of cities, with particularly great prices from European terminuses.

Couple in Love in Paris

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With so much to see in Paris, it’s easy to pick-and-choose the more affordable and free tourist attractions while ignoring the costly museums and entrance fees. It’s also easy to get around Paris – with an efficient and affordable subway system, you can travel across the city quickly and cheaply.

Although we’re all very familiar with the Eiffel Tower and its global appeal as the symbol of Paris, there are a variety of locations to visit across the city, particularly if you’re travelling on a budget.

So if you’re Paris-bound and you want to avoid the costly tourist traps, what can you see instead?

Here are 4 must-see locations that make for a romantic tour throughout Paris, all the while keeping your budget in check.

The Island of the Temple of Love

The name itself should be a prediction of what to expect. The Romantique Temple, as it is known in France, sits on an island in the middle of a lake. You can find this lake located at Bois de Vincennes which is the largest public park in Paris. It might take some time to get there, but seeing the sunset with your loved one is well worth the effort.

Paris Seine

The Seine

The Seine River crosses Paris and is an integral part of the city’s romantic culture. Walking along its promenade at night, you will find yourself captivated by its exquisite lights.

Make sure to pass by the Pont des Arts, a national historic monument built under the reign of Napoleon. This place exudes romance as so many couples have professed their eternal love by placing a lock on the bridge.

Although the locks are being removed because of the harm they cause the bridge, they are being replaced by beautiful artwork. At the Seine, you may also witness couples dancing tango because nothing says romance like a sensual Latin dance.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Admire the view of this mesmerizing cathedral that was built over 800 years ago. Experiencing the architecture as well as its rich history with your loved one can be quite enthralling; however, the vision of it, especially during the sunrise, will be what brings out the touch of romance.

The I Love you Wall

Will you marry me, Paris

Le mur des je t’aime, as it is known in French, is a wall with the phrase “I love you” written in over 300 different languages. The idea came about when Frédéric Baron decided he wanted to create a place for lovers to meet and where love could come together in every language. The impressive concept of this wall is that it represents and transmits the love between couples but also love between humans from all across the globe.