After recently being voted the most expensive city to live in the world this year according to The Guardian, London overtook Hong Kong as the most financially draining metropolis on the planet. This news has no doubt struck fear into the hearts of many potential visitor of London but there’s no need to fear as you can still visit England’s capital without having to break the bank.

Luckily for people venturing to London for the first time, there’s a wealth of information accessible to them via the Internet about affordable travel, free events to attend and reasonably priced accommodation in the heart of London. However, it’s the free events that London has to offer that we will be considering in this post, focusing on keeping you busy for relatively no cost at all.

There are a multitude of regular events and entertainment establishments in London that are free to attend or enter.

During this post we hope to bring you a diverse array of what London has to offer throughout the year.

English: Buckingham Palace in London, England....

 EFG London Jazz Festival

Festivals across London are ten-a-penny but the free music festivals are scarce. That’s probably why London’s annual Jazz Festival is so popular. It spans over two weeks, showcasing the best in new music, instrumental workshops, along with some of the most revered jazz musicians on the planet. The event takes place every year in November, with it taking place this year between 14th-23rd November. For further details check out their official website for additional information.

Urban Food Festival

A celebration of the many cuisines that London has to offer, the Urban Food Festival runs from the month of October until late December every year. It takes place in the trendy Shoreditch area of London operating from 5pm until past midnight. Although the food isn’t actually free, you can wander around the market enjoying all the delights on offer as well as sampling an array of dishes for affordable prices.

IWM Short Film Festival

For film buffs, the IWM Short Film Festival is a dream come true, and it’s free to attend. Featuring the most cutting-edge and challenging films from independent UK filmmakers, the festival runs from October into November every year. It’s held on the famous Lambeth Road in the heart of London and can be traveled to via the underground relatively easily.

London’s abundance of parks

If you’re traveling during the summer months to London, make sure you incorporate a trip to one of its glorious parks. Famous parks such as Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace Gardens (main picture), Greenwich Park and Kensington Gardens, which is home to Kensington Palace are all free to enter. Also, during the aforementioned summer period there is always live entertainment happening in and around the park grounds. Other notable parks in London worth visiting are Regents Park, Richmond Park and St. James’ Park.

The British Museum

One of London’s oldest establishments, the British Museum first opened its doors in 1753. Its main focus is on artifacts from the World War, millions of people visiting the museum each year to look at the memorabilia. The British Museum is free to enter throughout the year, however donations are welcomed.

London’s oldest casino

As one of London’s relics, Crockfords Hotel and Casino attracts millions of paying and non-paying visitors annually. If you aren’t one to gamble that’s fine, you can simply revel in the history of this establishment that Mayfair Casinos index page says it opened its doors to the public in the 1800s when William Crockford began building his empire. The casino still has the lure of the past, regularly welcoming celebrities to play and to stay at its hotel.

If these aren’t enough cost effective options for you to consider when you are traveling to London then make sure to do some thorough research, as there’s an abundance of interesting possibilities out there for everyone. In the meantime, if you have any past experiences of affordable entertainment options, feel free to share them in the comments section below.