Paris may be the city of love but Venice is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world.

With its meandering canals, slow moving gondolas and majestic buildings this destination is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace the romantic atmosphere of an era gone by.

When visiting Venice these sights are a must see for any traveler:

The canals


Venice was meant to be seen from the water and a gondola tour will show you the city at its best. Some of the gondolier’s even belt out songs from Naples at an extra fee for a more authentic journey. The most popular tour spots are near St Marks and San Toma and if you want to experience the real Venice ask for a trip through the back canals as well as down the Grand Canal to enjoy both sides of the water filled city.

St Marks Square


Also known as the “Drawing Room of Europe” the Piazza is the symbolic heart of Venice that remains overcrowded by people and pigeons. The square is also jam packed with must see sights such as the bell tower, the Doge’s Palace, The Basilica San Marco, the clock tower and the Correr Museum. If all of this gets  a bit much you can relax in one of the cafes and soak up the atmosphere whilst you while away the time reading or enjoying the before you set off on your next adventure.

Accademia Gallery


Venice is also renowned for its art and the Grand Museum of Venetian masters can be viewed here. Works from the 14th to the 18th Century are on display, include pieces by Bellini, Titian and Tintoretto and the brush work and artistic skill will take your breath away.

Rialto Markets


Just across the famous 16th Century bridge is the open air fish and produce market that has been in existence for hundreds of years. The meat, cheese and specialty food shops attract anyone who enjoys superb taste and quality and even the locals shop here daily.

Ca’ Rezzonico


For insight into how Venetians lived in the lap of luxury in the 1800’s visit this aristocratic mansion that was home to Robert Browning till he died in 1889. The mansion is now a museum featuring exquisite 18th Century art and incredible furnishings, decor and architecture.