Holidays are something everyone looks forward to. They’re your reward for working hard all year. However, with the cost of living constantly increasing, it can be hard finding the funds to travel.

If you’re on a budget, there are ways to still enjoy a holiday without it breaking the bank.

Below you’ll find some of the best tips to help you enjoy a relaxing break away.


Look for a cheap overseas credit card

It’s amazing how much the fees can add up to when you’re spending money abroad – uSwitch found that British holidaymakers risk spending £327 million on fees alone. If you plan on taking your existing credit and debit cards with you then you may want to think again. They often come with pretty steep charges that are explained in the small print of your contract. If you look for a cheap overseas credit card it can save you a fortune while you’re on holiday.

Make use of your smartphone

If you’re taking your smartphone on holiday with you, there are some wonderful apps you can use to lower the cost of your holiday. For example, you’ll find great GPS apps that will help you find your way around any country you’re visiting. As soon as you download the maps to your phone, it won’t take up any data to view them.

Don’t borrow unless you have to

When it comes to life’s luxuries, like holidays, you should only book one if you can afford it. Even if you’re planning a really cheap holiday, you can still end up struggling to pay the balance when the time comes. One strategy people have employed is to grab ‘special offers’ when they’re available from a travel agent. Some even go as far as to take out a payday loan (the loans offered by the Wonga website etc) if they’re short on the cash – just to pick up the holiday bargain at the price they want. While this might end up saving money for some of you, it’s a high risk strategy. You’re much better off holding off on your holiday scouting until you have the reserves in your own account to put money down on an offer.

Consider booking flights separately

Have you thought about booking your flights via a cheap flight booking service? Many people choose holidays that have the flights included. While this may be a more convenient approach, it won’t always be the most cost effective option. Do some research and see whether it could actually be cheaper booking everything separately.

Consider a staycation

Holidays don’t have to mean going abroad. You can have a fantastic holiday without leaving the country. Have you seen all that your country has to offer? If not now would be a great time to explore a little.

Book last minute

Last minute holidays can save you an absolute fortune. You have to be willing to travel within one to two weeks of booking, but it can save you hundreds of Rands if you choose this option.

These are just some of the top tips to help you save money on your next holiday. It’s all about shopping around and knowing where to get the best deals. This is Money has more fantastic tips to help save you even more. By combining a few of these tips you could save a fortune on your next holiday.