Thinking of taking a vacation, just you and your friends? Why not a trip to Sin City, yep Las Vegas! Las Vegas has so many great places to offer fine dining, entertainment and casinos.

In order to plan a trip to remember, let us help give you some great pointers on the “Hot Spots” for Nightlife in Vegas!

Where do you start?

Check into your hotel and just be spontaneous! When in Las Vegas there should be no rhyme or reason to what you do or where you go. The nightlife really is nonstop on the Vegas strip. Casinos and clubs open all hours of the night. There is no limit to where you can go or do.

All the hardcore Vegas lovers know that the real fun starts once the sun goes down & the big lights come on down on the strip – so don’t rush, walk where you want to go and enjoy yourself!

Vegas BlackjackBlackjack Anyone?

If gambling is what you are in the mood for there truly is more slot machines and craps tables than you can count. Playing the tables are a given in Las Vegas, but be sure to bring your poker face. There are some players like you that are just doing it for fun, but then there are the more serious players that mean business.

Have an idea of what to expect before you sit at a table, maybe even watch a game or two. It will give you an idea of how the dealer works and the other players at the table. If your not careful and watch who your playing with, you’ll have some fun but loose your shorts and all the money in those shorts within just a couple hours. Have fun but be smart and play with people your own size!

Want to avoid the noise and enjoy a peaceful night in that luxury Vegas hotel? Consider heading over to party poker and enjoy a little poker online! It’s fun, easy and allows you to relax conveniently in your room while watching a little TV or a nice Movie.

Vegas Nightlife ClubTime to Dance it out!

There are so many places that offer a variety of music, DJ’s, bands, etc that it is hard to choose just one. What are you in the mood for? Light Jazz or something funkier like Motown? Whatever you choose there is sure to be a club within walking distance that is offering such playing. Go out, shake your groove thing. Remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?

Again, can’t stress this enough. One of the biggest benefits of the great Vegas Strip is everything is literally within walking distance! Unless you find something more interesting several miles away, save the taxi bills and save it for the casino by walking.

VIP Treatment, why yes

Are you looking to be treated like a VIP? Well, clubs like Lavo offers tickets for VIP tables, seating and more. Some of the VIP perks is being waited on instead of having to go to the bar, complimentary items like food or snacks and usually great seats to the stage or dance floor. Spend the money one night and get treated like a VIP, it is well worth it!

Another way to feel VIP & all special is to get some personal messages! Almost every hotel on the strip has a local message floor within walking distance of your room and even though it can be a bit pricey, you’ll feel like a King/Queen by the end of the day.

Vegas NightlifeNightlife Events

Be sure to do a little research before you go out on the town. There are so many clubs and restaurants that offer Nightlife specials each day of the week. Whether it is drink specials or fine dining specials or even personal entertainment. Whatever you are looking for the Las Vegas Strip has it!

The nightlife really is endless in Las Vegas. The hardest part is deciding where to get each night of your stay. Las Vegas offers a great variety of casinos, food, and entertainment so be sure to have fun and unwind. Life is too short to not let your hair down, so have fun no one will ever know!

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