Making the most out of business travel

Whenever you travel for business, whether it’s Los Angeles, New York or somewhere in between, do you ever wish you weren’t too busy to enjoy yourself? Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your business trips.

Hey – you’re traveling already, and you don’t have to pay. That in itself is a great reason to do everything that you can to enjoy where you end up. But so many of us when we travel get bogged down by theĀ  business aspect of the trip that we forget to enjoy and explore the place that we are in. Obviously you need to prepare for your presentation or attend the conference, but beyond that, you’re free.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind when you’re traveling for business that can really help you get even just a taste of the local area.

Arrive Early or Stay Later (If You Can)

If you are traveling for a conference and it’s book ended by weekends, take that opportunity to arrive early, get comfortable and explore the location. You can impress your conference colleagues with your knowledge of the city when they arrive.

Eat Out

Instead of crashing in your hotel room after your conference is over and ordering room service, or going downstairs to the (typically) generic and (usually) overpriced restaurant, run down to the front desk, grab a map, and ask the clerk behind the counter to give a recommendation for a local restaurant. Go. Enjoy. You’ll get to try the local food, and get an opportunity to people watch. And if you feel like grabbing some company, all the better – but eating solo is not the end of the world.

Actually Explore

It’s always so tempting to just remain in the cocoon of the hotel when you’re traveling for business, and sometimes that is the only practical thing to do – say, if you’re in a city for only 24 or 36 hours. But even then, you are bound to have some down time that you can use to explore an area. So come prepared. Find a travel guide and follow it’s pages and maps and recommendations – and if you have time – get lost!

These are just a few suggestions on how to enjoy business travel when you arrive at your destination. Hopefully you take them to heart and are not like those mind-numb zombie business travelers who have all those stamps in their passport but nothing of worth to show for it.