SAD Lights help making the journey easier

There is another way that can help to, not only fight jetlag but help you change your body clock naturally with other benefits too, that is by using a SAD light.


Thames Festival

The Thames Festival is held along the river and is a celebration of the River Thames through art, music and a range of educational events.


Four Adventurous Bachelor Party Ideas

Check out these four adventurous bachelor party ideas instead, and be original for your last hoorah as a single man.


Seven Offbeat Attractions to Plan a Road Trip Around

If you really want to see America during your road trip you have to stop, stretch your legs (and your mind) at these crazy attractions.


Five Must See Sights in Venice

With its meandering canals, slow moving gondolas and majestic buildings this destination is perfect for anyone who wants to embrace the romantic atmosphere of an era gone by.


Moving Abroad? How to Find Other Expats To Make Your Transition Smoother

One’s financial life is typically the area that bears most of the burden. This is all doubly or triply so when moving abroad.


Get festival ready with your iPod

Festival season is upon us and it is time to get ready for long summer days and debauchery filled nights at the hundreds of festivals that take place up and down the country.


Five Healthy Restaurants to Eat at in Michigan

Yet, when we’re trying to find balance between health and satisfaction, dining out is a little tricky. Luckily, the state of Michigan has tons of nutritious eateries for its locals and tourists alike.


The Top Five Ways to Maximize Your Summer Fun in Canada

It has something for everyone to enjoy, from pulsing urban nexuses to humongous tracts of unspoiled wilderness, and everything in between.


Three Unusual Cruise Destinations

But, what if I were to ask you to picture yourself sailing on a cruise through a jagged iceberg landscape or through the hustle and bustle of one of the world’s busiest cities?

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