How to Get a Canadian Drivers Licence As a Foreigner

The process that you need to go through to obtain the ever-important license is a bit different from the one that you may be used to.


Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum

All of this has led to it being the most-visited museum of natural history on the globe with more than seven million people visiting each year.

Trail running shoes

Essential gear for a Trail Running Getaway

One of the key elements you’ll need is to ensure you have the best trail running gear you can find no matter where you are on the globe for enough comfort and support to aid your performance like you need and here are the ones you need to look out for.


The forgotten Balearic – Formentera

But most people forget Formentera. It can be easy to forget it as it is one of the smallest of the Balearics, as well as being the most southerly.

Egyptian Bazar

How to avoid the Egyptian Hustle

This is a tricky one because you need to be able to identify those Egyptians who are being genuinely friendly and those who are hustling. Get it wrong and you could offend an Egyptian who was just offering their hospitality.

Schushwap Lake

Enjoying the Lakes of the Okanagan in Summer

But since the kids really couldn’t participate nor Sadie, our beloved Lab, and vacation is not the same without them, we decided instead to take a tour around the amazing lakes of the Okanagan.


Why Everyone Should Experience a Turkish Bath

In between all the sightseeing, you would be remiss if you didn’t take the opportunity to visit an authentic Turkish bath, known locally as a hamam.

romantic getaways

Three Top Romantic Getaways For Couples

But, where should you go? With so many destinations to choose from, you’re not too sure where would be best – you want something that’ll be both romantic and exciting.

Roseland Cottage

Touring New England – Four Sites You Need to See

When visiting New England, you simply must put these spots on your list of must-see destinations. They represent some of the most beautiful, interesting, and fun locations in the Northeast.

Cadillac ranch

Six Unusual Attractions You Shouldn’t Miss Along Route 66

Route 66 is the most famous road in America and is full of zany, weird, fun tourist stops and attractions that make this the favorite trip for anyone who wants to hop in their car and take a road trip to remember.

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