This year will see sports and rugby fans from around the UK and beyond heading to various venues around the UK in order to enjoy the excitement and thrill of the 2015 Rugby Union World Cup. This is the 8th year for this event and the first time that it will be played on British soil, which has undoubtedly caused a flurry of excitement amongst fans of the sport in the UK.


Many sporting fans will be hoping to get to see at least one of the matches up close and personal by heading to one of the venues or stadiums where they are being held – 48 fixtures in total being held in cities across England as well as at the Millennium Stadium in Wales. For those who have been lucky enough to get the time and the tickets to see one of the matches, some forward planning is essential in order to make the most of your experience.

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Planning ahead for your trip

The fixtures during the tournament are being held in a variety of different cities in England as well as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. In order to ensure you have a memorable time for all the right reasons, you should make sure you plan ahead. This means taking steps including:

Planning your accommodation: Remember, accommodation is likely to get booked up very quickly, particularly if you want to stay pretty close to the stadium or venue where the match is being held. Get in as early as you can and get your hotel or bed & breakfast booked so that you don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to stay at the last minute. This also boosts your chances of getting somewhere within easy reach of the venue rather than having to travel.

Determine your mode of transport: If you are going to see a match that is being held at a venue that is not far from you, travel shouldn’t pose a big problem. However, if you are heading further afield you will need to decide whether you are planning to drive and if not what mode of transport is going to be the most suitable and affordable. You should then get your tickets, such as coach or rail, booked early so that you are not left high and dry when it comes to reaching the destination in question.

It is also a good idea to look at the various facilities and amenities that are in the area if you are not already familiar with it. This includes places to get food and drink, so that you are not left wasting time trying to find somewhere before or after the match.