Australia has long been known as a nation with a very different culture than that of the rest of the world. Much of this surely has to do with their isolation in the Land Down Under. However, this has provided the world with many different aspects of life. One of these would include the types of entertainment we enjoy.

Gambling has become a popular pastime all over the world – and even more so in Australia, where an overwhelming percentage of adults enjoy the pastime.

Rapid Roulette


IMG_5819.JPG (Photo credit: joolie)

A new game was developed and introduced first at Melbourne’s Crown Casino. Known as Rapid Roulette, this game has attracted many players who frequent table games, as well as slots.

This game includes all the well-loved traditional features of roulette. This would include identical odds, a real roulette wheel as well as a dealer.To this some features have been added. These would include touchscreen terminals and expanded wagering.

Touch Screens

By adding the touchscreen terminals, the amount of labour needed to operate Rapid Roulette decreased. On the other hand, the number of players who could bet on one game increased thanks to the touchscreens. The game moves rather quickly, ranging from 36 to 45 games in one hour. This also has helped to maximize floor space in the casino, a problem that online casinos like Lucky Nugget rarely face.

Another benefit to Rapid Roulette is that it is helping to draw some players from the slot machines to table games by adding a technology element to traditional roulette.

It is expected that given the success of Rapid Roulette in Australia, that the video company holding the patent will likely put their product out into a global market expanding the game’s play. As Australia attempts to go from an isolationist view to more of a global one, the world will no doubt see more and more of Australia’s influence on the world.