If you are looking for a way to enjoy a party poker bachelor weekend then the movie The Hangover should provide some great inspiration for a fun packed time.

If you are not familiar with the movie The Hangover, it is the 2009 tale of four guys on a Bachelor party to Las Vegas and all the inevitable mayhem that ensues. The film was released in 2009; it was directed by Todd Phillips and features Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.

The movie provides lots of iconic moments that boys on a bachelor party could recreate, and places they could visit. While you may not be able to reenact the toasting scene on the roof of Caesars Hotel, have a car chase through Sin City or take Mike Tyson’s tiger back to your hotel room, there are still plenty of escapades left for you to try.

The HangoverCaesars Palace Hotel provides the main location for the film. There are scenes in the lobby, on the roof, in the rooms, hallways, and around the pool. While it is doubtful that you would be able to recreate the early toast scene on the roof, with its magnificent views across Las Vegas looking down on the mock Eiffel Tower, you can at least get the party started with a shot of the German schnapps Jagermeister.

The hotel lobby features in the guys’ check-in and in the photomontage at the end of the movie. Breakfast around the hotel pool provides the setting for the morning after the night before, with some thoughtful attempts at recollecting the evening’s events.

Gambling, poker, craps and roulette are all essential parts of any Las Vegas trip and the film makes much of the card tables. As the trio try to retrace their steps to find their buddy, they reel off a list of locations to visit. They eat dinner at the Palms Hotel, pay a visit to the Hard Rock Café, and shoot some craps at the tables in the magnificent Bellagio Casino; although The Riviera at the north end of The Strip provided the actual setting for all of the interior gambling scenes during the film.

Some of the venues are not possible to visit, such as the Police HQ. This is because they were filmed in LA; the Best Little Chapel was purpose-built for the movie on an empty lot on Las Vegas Boulevard.

You can, however, have the true The Hangover experience by hiring a car, preferably a 1969 Mercedes Benz convertible, and taking a road trip into the Mohabi Desert to Big Rock, or to the dry lakebed just outside the city of Jean if you prefer.  Here you will also find the gas station scenes where the boys get accosted.

For comic effect, The Hangover might go a little over the top for a bachelor party, but you are nonetheless guaranteed to have a great time exploring the locations around Sin City. Just try not to get too hungover.