Paris is the classic romantic destination for Europeans and Westerners alike. From the Eiffel Tower to the Champs-Elysees as well as the many other marvels of art and architecture that Paris has to offer, you’ll find your visit awe-inspiring in every way.

Travelers from all over flock to Paris each year to enjoy its quaint cobblestone streets, rich culture and world famous restaurants.


Parisian Cuisine

The local Parisian cuisine is enjoyed almost universally. Characterized by rich sauces, fresh and flavorful seafood, and rich traditions in cheese and wine making, restaurants provide an upscale service experience and a variety of flavour combinations that please the pallet.

The most popular restaurants offer dining on an outdoor restaurant terrace (pavement area) where visitors can enjoy the cuisine of a genuine Parisian bistro while enjoying the gorgeous local scenes and weather.


Parisian Districts

Paris is divided geographically into numbered districts that spiral out from the Musee du Louvre at the historic center of the city. The districts are numbered one through twenty and provide a convenient way of describing the general location of specific attractions. The Southern part of Paris contains the more upscale restaurants while more casual eateries and cafes can be found closer to the city centre and North of the Seine River.

The best quality upscale restaurants can be found in district 14 and especially district 16 where many restaurants are picturesquely situated on the banks of the flowing Seine River. Setting a reservation or booking a restaurant is a great idea, as even these up-market locations fill quickly with tourists looking for an authentic Parisian experience. Services like provide you with the luxury of booking your seat at any of several restaurants in advance and avoiding the disappointment of arriving at a full restaurant on your next night in beautiful Paris.