You may be a seasoned traveler or just about to go on that much needed family holiday but journeying from one locale to another can easily take its toll on your body clock leading to a number of symptoms that can more than ruin the first few days of any trip and if you’re backpacking or have to travel a lot for your job across multiple timelines in a short space of time the whole experience can be affected.

A few key ways of staving off the symptoms of jetlag are to keep up with plenty of exercise, always drink plenty of fluids, especially water and to eat food high in protein and fiber.

There is another way that can help to, not only fight jetlag but help you change your body clock naturally with other benefits too, that is by using a SAD light.


SAD Lights

SAD treatment lights were designed to help people who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder to get the correct amount of light for their brains to produce enough serotonin to stop the effects like lethargy, sleep disruptions, anxiety, depression and food craving all because a lack of light has altered the natural circadian rhythm. The SAD lights do this by allowing the user to get the correct amount of light into their eyes at the right times of day by a number of ways depending on the model chosen as some will simulate a sunrise and sunset if you struggle to get up in the morning while others allow for a set timed treatment of 15-60 minutes during the day if you lead a busy lifestyle.

Due to the effectiveness at allowing users to have a proper sleep pattern it means that before your journey if you ideally have a few days before hand you can use sad lamps & lights to help change your body clock to the local time of your destination by sleeping at the relevant times and using the dawn simulators to mimic the sunlight so that when you step on the plane you’ve already had a good head start getting used to a new time zone. Once you arrive you don’t need to continue using the SAD light unless you’re heading to a wintery locale until your return trip unless of course your travels do take you across more than one time zone. A few of the available SAD lights are portable and relatively compact in size making them easy to carry with the rest of your luggage and can be charged so if you find yourself without a plug socket for a day or two you can still get the required light you need.