Las Vegas may be the City of Sin in the United States but it is also the city of big price vacations that can blow any budget family friendly or not. The city has it all, shows, dining, gambling, and each and every attraction from the slots to the hotels is designed to suck extra money out of your wallet.

Las Vegas Trip

It’s true the house always wins and Vegas is place to make and lose a fortune in a single night, but you can help curb your bets and get luck back on your side a little. Gives these suggestions a try to rebuild your potential losses and save a buck or two.

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When to stay

Season and time of the week are important factors that contribute directly to hotel prices.  Weekend prices are much higher than prices for rooms during the week (Monday thru Thursday, Friday is part of the weekend to Las Vegas). So if at all possible stay a week and leave on the weekend, if you have to stay consider a hotel switch, prices go up across the board but if you can stand sleeping in a lower tier hotel you can avoid the worst of the price hike ups.

Big events such as music artists, temporary shows, conventions and tournaments, are fun but if you are looking to save best avoided especially prize fights! This tip alone will save you up to ¾ the price of a hotel on the weekend!


This relates into getting drinks. Casinos want you there; they want you to stay in them as long and often as possible and bend over backward to make sure you are comfortable and will stay. The floor manager will be more than happy to tell you about the complementary services and rewards you can get for playing and staying at the casino. This can apply to more than just drinks; for example, high rollers pay for almost nothing as part of this program. However, remember that the house always wins, so while these bonuses are free, you stand to lose more than you do gain by gambling just for the sake of this program.

Drinks, food, tickets, even lodging and transport to and from the airport are possible comps for playing.


Las Vegas has a lot of shows of all kinds. Let’s focus on the more family oriented ones for now. The key to saving on these is twofold; booking ahead was already covered so the other tricks are promotions. Shows especially in the off season need to fill as many seats as possible. The ads and magazines from your hotel and around the town will have discounts and vouchers for many of these shows. Comps are can also get you free or discounted tickets but run the risk of costing you in gambling loss. Take advantage of these deals and coupons to maximize the amount you can save on the shows you want to see.

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If you want your Las Vegas holiday to start cheap have a look at fares you can get from online travel agents, as they are usually the cheapest, and when you get to Las Vegas despite the casino and hotel’s attempts to keep you cloistered away inside you will eventually need to travel around. You could take a cab, but they are expensive and not above taking a scenic route if you are not paying attention. For travel around the Strip walking and the monorail is the best option.

The monorail is often cheaper and faster than almost anything else. Public buses are a good choice if you are venturing farther off the strip. Many popular locations will have a free tram to and from them from specific pick up points. Of course just going up and down the Strip the best method if not the fastest is walking especially since several casino hotels now put on free shows just outside the front door you may miss otherwise,

Avoid Gift Shops

The hotel gift shops will have almost everything you will need for your stay and specialized gifts, for a price. For general shopping from snacks, food, or clothing it is worth skipping the hotel store and instead going to a local shop or mall. Everything in these stores is at an inflated price so unless it is simply something you cannot get at a local store avoid these shops. There are the occasional exceptions of course but on average these shops are designed to keep you in the casino and squeeze you even a little bit more.

So why pay the extra cost when you can just go to mall or drugstore by walking a little more? Unless the item you want is a hotel promotion you can’t by at a general store the skip this money sinks.