You’ve probably heard of the Cadillac Ranch, colorfully painted Cadillacs seemingly growing out of the ground in Amarillo, TX but have you heard of these offbeat roadside attractions?

If you really want to see America during your road trip you have to stop, stretch your legs (and your mind) at these crazy attractions.

Start Your Journey

It’s been a long strange trip for Olompali State Park in Novato, California, as both the home of the Miwok Indians and The Grateful Dead — who stayed here with a large community of hippies back in 1967. They held some incredible concerts. Now, the park features hiking trails and a museum with relics from its strange days. Stop in. Soak it all in, and then “keep on truckin’.”

Pray for Prada

If you (or one of your companions) prays for Prada shoes and is feeling luxury-withdrawals in Texas’ sprawling, desert landscape, take them to Prada. This lonely, dusty US highway 92-and-a-half hours from El Paso, where you are hard  pressed to find a convenience store, hosts a Prada store. Don’t worry, it isn’t open for business. You’ll still have enough money to finance an Audi after your visit.

Make a Divine Turn

Take a divine detour when traveling through Murphy, NC, and see the World’s Largest Ten Commandments. The two stone tablets citing God’s ten most vital commands to the human race spans the width of a football field. This divine attraction finds its home in an out-of-the-way religious park. A sight worth seeing that might bring you closer to God.

Fall into the Black Hole

The Black Hole is a weird place across from an even stranger church that un-worships bombs. The Black Hole self-proclaims it is a museum of nuclear waste and a military surplus store. You never know what you’ll find inside. Everything from funky folk-art to discarded bomb parts taken as salvage from military projects. Stop in and you’ll never lack for strange stories to tell.

Chase Your BlueWhale

Description: blue whale.Image via Flickr by gregwest98

Along America’s iconic Route 66 is a whale, a great blue whale. While it probably is not your life’s most exhilarating quest, nor is it classic novel material, it is still worth visiting this odd sculpture in Catoosa, OK. The blue whale sits perched in a pond and was once a water park. This is as good of an excuse as any to get out and stretch, especially if you want to walk into the whale’s mouth..

Run With the Bull

Description: Albert the Bull.Image via Flickr by neepster

Tired of all the bull? Maybe that’s why you took your road trip in the first place. This makes even the biggest piles of bull seem small in comparison. It’s the most bull you’ll ever find in any one place and yes, the largest bull statue in the world. Proudly standing three stories tall in Audubon, IA is Albert the Bull.

Your road trip isn’t complete without a stop at these offbeat attractions. Just be sure to pack your camera and an open mind.