Bingo has been a hugely popular game for most of the 20th century, and though its popularity waned in the 80’s and 90’s there has been resurgence of interest in the beginning of the 21st century thanks to the vast proliferation of online bingo across the globe.

It is not unreasonable to assume that many of these new (and young) bingo enthusiasts have never had the experience of playing bingo in a traditional bingo hall setting.

So if you are a fan of the game and you are thinking about planning a vacation then the following are places that you should definitely consider paying a visit to.

5) Red Rock Casino, Las Vegas

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Unsurprisingly one of the must-visit places of the bingo world is the world’s biggest adult playground, Las Vegas Nevada.

The Red Rock Casino’s bingo hall seats up to 600 players and is divided into smoking and non-smoking sections, a welcome relief for non-smokers who otherwise have to endure unsegregated gambling areas (equally a welcome comfort to smokers who would otherwise have to take their cigarettes outside back home).

Red Rock provides large colorful displays for the bingo, and large plasma TVs for sporting events and such. The plush amenities that the hotel provides also constitute part of the draw, and Red Rock Casino is renowned for the food and quality of lodgings provided to guests

Also, if you have the time, a tip to the spa is a definite must.

4) National Stadium Bingo, Ireland

First established in 1938, National Stadium Bingo in Dublin seats up to 2,000 players—though average turnout is anywhere between 600-800, so there’s never a need to pre-book your seats.

The hall promises €9,255 total in nightly pay-outs and sells card books for €14 and €16. Bingo has been an integral part of life in the British Isles and so is worth your time checking out if you happen to find yourself in their neck of the woods.

3) Oneida Indian Bingo, New York

Rated in the top 10 bingo halls in the North America, this bingo hall (situated in fair Verona, New York) can seat up to 1,400 participants and regularly features promotions like double pay-out nights and triple pay weekends.

Like the Red Rock Casino, it offers seating for smokers and non-smokers respectively. Also, the bingo hall is part of the world class Turning Stone Resort and Casino.

Aside from bingo, the casino offers tennis, golf, a spa, and even host Las Vegas style shows.

2) Foxwoods Casino Resort, Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino

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Mashantucket, Connecticut is the home of this great casino and resort that can hold up to 4,000 players. Originally founded in 1986 as a bingo hall, Foxwoods expanded to include table games in 1992, and now encompasses a resort that offers fine dining, golf and a spa.

Interestingly, the Foxwoods Casino Resort also holds the record for having the most slot machines (7,200) of any casino in the world.

1) San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, California

Located in sunny Highland, California, this hall tops the list due to its ability to make you quite rich. Running promotions such as the Late Game Jackpot that can snag you $10,000 and even the Do-It-Yourself Jackpot that sometimes reaches up to $50,000, this bingo hall can help make you a very happy person.

As with the other resorts, they offer a spa, golf and Vegas style shows as well.

These locations are some of the best locations to play bingo in the whole entire world. Any of these five places is sure to satisfy the appetite of a bingo player. These venues go to show that the online world of bingo doesn’t even begin to compare to the best bingo halls around the world.

The game of bingo is very alive and well in these five locations, with many more great venues all around the world. What are your favorite locations?