Most of Brisbane’s amazing adrenaline-whooshing adventures happen on or around the Brisbane River.

If you aren’t really a water person, there are many exciting land and air adventures you can enjoy.

Whichever you choose – don’t give Brisbane a miss. It’s a must-visit for action!

Get Into The Water!


Speed Boat Cruise

Sign up for an exciting speed boat cruise around the river – it’s the best way to see everything, and those rapids are to be experienced! You will truly enjoy the speed, the water spray, and the wonderful scenery as it passes by.


The Brisbane River goes through many hairpin turns which open up to unexpectedly glorious vista. There are some challenging rapids you can chew on happily.

Other Water Sports

Be sure to visit the water adventure playground on the Brisbane River – the Moreton Bay and Islands. They are the best adventure destination in Brisbane. If you’re into water sports, you can really get into snorkeling, parasailing, paddle boarding, diving and surfing here.

Hit The Land!brisbane-rock-climbing


Brisbane’s amazingly craggy cliffs are perfect for rock climbing and abseiling. Climb the Story Bridge over the river; this bridge is one of three bridge climbs in the world.


Challenge yourself with some energetic bushwalking and mountain biking on the up-and-down sand dunes. How about enjoying an exhilarating mountain bike ride down a sand dune? You can do some fast roller-blading along the river as well, to get the best of both the river and the land.

Rally Driving

Ready for 8 laps and one hot lap in a real-to-goodness rally driving car around an amazing race track at Willowbank? Rally driving is absolutely thrilling; it’s thrilling to watch on TV but totally mad thrilling to actually do it!  There you’ll be, on a hot driving track, your hands at the controls – feeling very much like Schumacher!

Harley Tour

Get to Southbank in Brisbane for a tour that could change the way you view Brisbane! Get on your leathers and explore Brisbane for all of 60 minutes on a Harley Davidson motorcycle, seeing every sensational sight while zipping around corners and speeding down freeways.

Hit the Air!



Adrenalin offers weekend tandem skydiving jumps at Brisbane’s Redcliffe Beaches. Head out there for a weekend and jump from 14,000ft while being securely strapped to your instructor. Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating experiences you’ll ever have – the speed is unbelievable! What’s best of all is the amazing birds’ eye view you’ll get of wonderful Brisbane from the air.

Aerobatic Flight

How about a 15 minute, acrobatic flight on a genuine Modern L-39 Albatross Lead-In Fighter jet? Head out to Gympie in Kybong, Brisbane, and sign up for the most stomach-churning, heart-thumping experience of your lifetime. Experience a simulated strike attack and loop the loops, do figure eights and scream all the way!

Helicopter Ride

If you’re keen on learning how to fly, try a 30-minute helicopter training flight at Archerfield Airport, Brisbane. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a brand new career in aviation! Try it out – you’ll be introduced to your helicopter and given a thorough briefing. Then you’ll be off in the air on your first training introductory flight!