Have you ever watched the hangover and thought you want that with your own mates? Have you ever though in which cities can you have a similar life changing night? Are you and your friends ready to have an outstanding night that you will tell your children about, well most of it?

Right now you will be introduced to the most popular nightlife cities in the world, where you can paint the town red with the flowing drinks and the beautiful women surrounding you and your buddies.

In order to do that, you will have to know that your choices only exist in the United States, Europe and South America. So we will give you a hint regarding the best places in each continent.

The United States

New York

NYC does not really need to be introduced. All of the cities in the world combined will have a problem beating New York due to the variety of the nocturnal activities. There is a reason why it is called the city that never sleeps.

Las Vegas


Las Vegas is internationally known for gambling, shopping, celebrities and that TV program that solves nasty crimes. The Vegas strips compromises a vast collection of casinos and nightclubs. The city is perfect for people who have lots of money and they just do not know what use it could be of.

Los Angeles

Well, it’s a matter of logic. LA is the place with the celebrities and the arrogant basketball players. The city is brilliantly glamorous. It has top notch nightclubs because you know, what if Tom Cruise wants to have some good time.




If you’re a football fan, a beer fan or just a single straight man, the notorious yet classy capital of Netherlands is your destination to be with its vivid red district that comes to life after the clock strikes midnight.


Despite what you might have in mind, the Germans are surprisingly good at partying; the German capital is famous for the wide range of sophisticated nightclubs.


The atmosphere of the English capital is rather different, but you can never dislike it, or dislike the way English people get drunk. Try Jerusalem’s tavern and The Wheel Barrow pub for some distinctive nightlife experience.


This place is located in Spain. They call it the nightclub mecca. Place in Ibiza like Pacha will give you the perfect amount of what you need, which is more than you can ever handle. Ibiza can give you and your friends the ultimate partying life changing experience.

South America

Buenos Aires

Try something different, the city has a lot of significant tango bars and clubs that will give you a great bargain. After all the Argentines speak Spanish, they must know how to party.

Rio de Janeiro


In 2016 the city of samba will be the world’s main attraction as it will host the Olympics. Rio is known to be one of the best nightlife cities in the world, give it a try.