Canada is a vast, awe-inspiring landscape which comprises nearly half of the continent of North America.

It has something for everyone to enjoy, from pulsing urban nexuses to humongous tracts of unspoiled wilderness, and everything in between.

Residents and international visitors alike are sure to remember a Canadian holiday for years to come, and one of the best ways to get into or across the nation itself is by nabbing a cheap flight.

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Find Romance

If your vacation happens to be a honeymoon or otherwise romantically inclined, then Canada is just what you need to spice things up. First, there’s the iconic ferry cruise beneath and around the Canadian section of Niagara Falls. If you’d rather find l’amour on the cheap, the charm, Parisian flavor, and cultural character of Quebec City is sure to sweep you away.


Canada for Literature Lovers

Did you know that Canada is host to the homes of multiple beloved literary figures? That’s right! Winnie the Pooh and Anne of Green Gables both call Canada home, and you can pay them a visit. Just hop on over to Prince Edward Island for a chat with Anne, or head to Winnipeg if you’d like a little honey with Pooh and the gang.


Get Your Polar Expedition On

If you time it right, you can come to Canada and experience something few people have ever seen – a sun that never sets. That’s right, Canada is so immense that her extreme northern boundaries brush the North Pole, and as such, the summer months in those regions are a brief but beautiful collection of twenty-four hour days. Additionally, tours can be arranged for other region-appropriate activities, should you wish it; wildlife viewings and such are popular options – just don’t forget your post-trek routine!


Canada for Water Enthusiasts

Canada offers some of the most breathtaking stretches of lakes, rivers, and coastal territory in the entire world. Prominent examples include Manitoulin Island, which is the world’s largest fresh-water island and a short trip from Ontario, as well as the visually stunning Lake Louise. The latter in particular offers the real Canadian backwoods experience, but with plush 21st century comfort – drink in the aquatic rainbow and silence-inducing panorama of Lake Louise and its mountain backdrops, then take a snooze in one of the areas many lodges.


Fun: It’s Canada’s National Language

Canada is a nation which is already well-known for its multi-lingual climate. Most people know that Canada has not one, but two national languages: English and French. This is a direct result of its colonial past. However, many will not have heard that in addition to the many First Nations dialects spoken by Canada’s indigenous communities, the residents of Newfoundland – Canada’s youngest but perhaps most historic province – speak a language / dialect all their own, a French-Irish-English mix (with some aboriginal spice thrown in for good measure!) appropriately called “Newfoundland English“. Get yourself an earful!

As you can plainly see, Canada is an ideal summer vacation spot with something for people of all tastes to enjoy. Internationally renowned for its natural beauty and the hospitality and friendliness of its people, this is a country you don’t want to overlook. With that in mind, book yourself a flight, and then come on up for a visit.