Taking a trip to Scandinavia is exciting and unique.

In order to make your trip even more unique and unforgettable, you could consider staying in one of several Ice Hotels.

Icehotel, Kiruna, Sweden Kiruna

Staying in the Icehotel is a great experience. When you think of ice, you may think that it is going to be extremely cold, but it is not as cold as you may be thinking. Dressing in layers is a good way to ensure that you stay warm on your winter sun holidays.

There are also rooms within the hotel that are warm and cosy. Ensuring that you have the warm clothing and boots that you need is a priority in the Icehotel. If you do not have your own, they do have extras for you to use. There are numerous excursions you can go on as well, including dogsledding and snow biking.

Alta Igloo Hotel, NorwayAlta

The Alta Igloo Hotel is a beautiful place to stay. So much time and effort is put into the ice sculptures that look like creative works of art.

The Ice Hotel is kept cold to ensure that the ice will not melt, but all of the guests that stay within the hotel sleep in sleeping bags that are rated for -30 degrees on top of reindeer hides, so they will not get cold. There is a restaurant, showers, sauna, hot tubs, and more in a service centre next to the hotel.

Bjorli Ice Lodge, NorwayBjorli

The Bjorli Ice Lodge is in a perfect location for any nature lover. It is settled within a national park and has the river Rauma running near it and all of the wildlife, such as moose and reindeer, surrounding it.

The suites have been created with great attention to detail and artistic design. While laying warm and cosy in your sleeping bag, you can look around the icy room and see all of the amazing artistic work that has been put into its design. When you are ready to warm up a bit you can head to the round fire hut or Ice Lodge’s Ice Bar.

Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen, NorwayHunderfossen

The Ice Hotel in Hunderfossen is a great hotel to spend a night in. When it was built, they used more snow than ice, making it different from many others that are built from more ice than snow.

There are numerous winter activities to take part in as well as an ice bar and fairy-tale castle within the same park. For anyone that would like to see the hotel but would prefer not to spend the night within the hotel, there are tours available.

Igloo Village in Saariselka, FinlandSaariselka

Igloo Village is unique in the way that it boasts igloos and not hotels. Each igloo is created out of snow and is sure to give you many memories and an experience that you will never forget.

Guests that stay within an igloo are given a warm down sleeping bag along with woollen socks and a hood to ensure that they will remain warm throughout their stay.