There is a lot of training that goes into preparing for an upcoming bicycle tour. However, no matter how much you train, it doesn’t diminish the importance of the items that you need to pack. Comfort, safety and enjoyment can be directly related to the items you choose to bring with you while on the route. Of course, you certainly do not want to make the mistake of over-packing and being miserable having to lug unnecessary items or keep track of everything you brought.

A few key items that you want to make sure you have includes the proper cycling shorts, shoes that are built specifically for bicycle touring, and padded gloves to protect your hands during the long ride. Be sure to try out all of these items well in advance with extensive rides to ensure that you have a proper fit and comfort. Finding out on the road can greatly affect your experience. Keep the natural elements in mind by packing quality sunglasses as well a sunscreen that is sweat and water resistant. On the chances of rain showers, bring along a rain jacket and pants.

Check with your tour company to verify that they provide items such as biking equipment, food and snacks, and drinks to keep your packing on the light side. To learn more tips on prepping for a bicycling tour, check out this infographic.

Psyched for Cycling: Preparing for a Bike Tour | Bicycle Adventures Infographic
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