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The trip is planned, clothes are ironed and your ready to head out to that business meeting and need to keep the nice, crisp clothes from getting wrinkled on your trip – whew, what a challenge.

The fact is, making clothes in a little suitcase 100% wrinkle-free is nearly impossible but there are a few business packing tips you can do to make the impact much less, let’s jump right in…

1.Wear the Bulkiest Items

Jackets or blazers are not kosher in a suitcause simply becaus they are bulky and tend to squeeze everything else together tighly by over-packing the suitcase. Wear the biggest stuff while traveling and leave your suitcase for smaller, important items and give them room to breath.

2.Use Plastic, it’s your friend!

We don’t notice it but once our clothes are packed away, we generally forget about them and tote the suitcase around without hitting things, bumping it here and there, forgetting that are clothes are in there moving around. Simply put, friction causes wrinkling and plastic helps reduce the amount of friction on each piece. The cheapest way is to use plastic bags your crips clothes just came in from the dry-cleaners.

3.Rolling vs. Folding, which one is best

Both. Some clothes work better when folded while other do better when rolled. For example, sweaters work best when folder when items like jeans, t shirts, socks and undershirts work better if rolled. Keep in mind that rolling can also save a TON of space so it’s a win/win if used on the right items.