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Let’s face it; we men are typically not good at party planning. We often do things last minute, and end up with something that resembles a party we threw when we were 17. The fact of the matter is, that these poorly thought out parties usually end in disaster.

If you’re planning to let your testosterone roar in your hometown, it may become a night to remember for reasons other than what you intended. So, get together with a few friends and organize the ultimate weekend of freedom in one of these five proven hot spots.

Las Vegas Nevada

New Orleans, Louisiana – Mardi Gras, or not, exploring the bead giving hospitality of New Orleans makes for an excellent stag trip. Spend the days golfing, fishing, boating, or just enjoying some awesome surf-and-turf at one of The Big Easy’s famous eateries.

But when night rolls around, be sure your crew gets down to Bourbon Street where you’ll get a true idea of what New Orleans is all about. Gamble at Harrah’s, enjoy music at the Blue Nile, mingle at a night club, enjoy a cabaret, or just hang out at a sports bar like Bayou Beer Garden. No matter how you slice it, New Orleans is the place you want to be.

Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada – No matter what you have in mind, Sin City has it to offer and Vegas might just be the ultimate destination for stag weekends! Despite its reputation as a place to get hitched, Vegas also seems to amply supply bachelors with everything their hearts desire. Learn how to drive a 600 hp. race car, take a helicopter tour, earn yourself a par at Desert Palms, or place your bet at one of the hundreds of casinos.

The night life there is also no dud; make sure to hit the Playboy Club, the Vegas Strip, and the Freemont Street Experience, as this is where you’ll make memories you can hound your friends about for years to come.

South Beach Miami Florida


South Beach, Miami, Florida – If you’re looking to be tantalized by a little eye candy; don’t worry, beach babes abound on this busting Miami sea coast. Take a dip at the beach, hit the gym, parasail, explore the Everglades, or catch a gut busting comedy show.

Miami is best known for their nightlife, so don’t miss out on the Purdy Lounge, the Sky Bar, and all the other clubs that can be found on Washington Avenue. Wrap your trip up by checking out the action at the Dolphins, Sun Life Stadium, and your buddies will be wondering when you guys get to do this again.

Hollywood California

Hollywood, California – You’ll feel like true movie stars while rubbing elbows with California’s most desirable women. Clubbing in Hollywood is exciting and you’ll find yourselves totally thrown back by the atmosphere at the Forbidden City, Boulevard 3, Halo, and Goldfingers.

The strips on Sunset, and Hollywood and Vine will definitely keep you rocking you nights away. During the day you can relax on Venice Beach, visit the Capitol Records Building, shoot pool at Hollywood Billiards, play paintball, or mosey through your favorite movie sets at Universal Studios.

Manhattan, New York, NY

Manhattan, New York, NY – The heart of the big apple can entertain a group of guys out to have fun. Have lunch at the Pearl Oyster Bar, play horseshoes at Chelsea Pier, check out time square, or catch a boxing match at Madison Square Garden.

The club scene will also blow you away; just follow the trail of nicely dressed women and you’ll likely to end up at a NYC hotspot like the Sapphire Lounge, Sin Sin, or the Temple Bar. No matter where you go in Manhattan, you’ll find a good time waiting round the corner.

Oh, and if you’re a chocoholic like me, then you certainly won’t be disappointed with the copious amount of Swiss chocolate on offer in the city!