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What makes America one of the most popular countries for holidays is the sheer variety this country has to offer. Whether you love to explore the history of the places you visit or love to lie on the beach with a cocktail, you will find the perfect destination for you!

Here are 5 destinations well known for the variety they bring!



New York City and Restaurant Week

There is no way you can do a list of top destinations in America without mentioning NYC! Full of diversity, you can visit the Statue of Liberty for a history lesson, shop on 5th Avenue for your spending fix and watch a musical on Broadway.

However for a more unusual NYC break, why not come during Restaurant week! Lets face it, New York boasts some of the worlds best dining establishments that come with a hefty price tag. However for 1 week of each season you can come and enjoy Michelin star food at a fraction of the price. With over 200 restaurants participating you can go on a culinary trip around the Big Apple!

Eateries include Michelin-starred Café Boulod and the Fleur de Sel


Las Vegas to LA

Ok so this is technically 2 separate destinations, but they are 2 of the most popular so why not include them both in your trip rather than having to choose!

Start with Las Vegas! The lights, sounds and the sheer decadence of the strip is not to be missed! Whatever your budget you can stay in the 5 Star MGM Grand or a motel off the strip and still enjoy the casinos, desert and fun! Why not spend the evening simply wandering the strip, dine at the Triple Georg Grill- the best steaks and fun dining, and then hit the Bellagio for some high rolling fun!

After your Las Vegas fun, rent a car and take the desert drive to LA. The drive will take you past some of the most impressive canyons on earth and stop off at Bodie – a Wild West ghost town that is not to be missed!

Once in LA you can tour the Hollywood sign and possibly see some famous faces.



Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu is renowned for surfing – some of the biggest waves ever recorded have been right here! But there is more to Honolulu than meets the eye, with a rich history, there are many magical historical sites that cry out to be investigated!

Take a trip to Shangri La to enjoy Dorris Dukes 1930’s historical home/museum filled with exquisite Islamic art or hike up to the Koko Head Crater and take the climb to the top to see magnificent views of the island.


Alaska and Whale Watching

Ok so the freezing temperatures may not be everyone’s first thought for a holiday, but imagine waking up in the morning to views of humpback whales, seals and even bears! For those who love getting back to nature and enjoy learning about local cultures, then Alaska is definitely for you.

Stay in one of the beautiful princess Lodges, found throughout Alaska and enjoy a warm welcome and a romantic atmosphere!



San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the perfect destination for all history lovers out there! With a fantastic blend of traditions from native America, the Wild West and Old Mexico, there is a fantastic diversity to all of the sites to be seen here!

Note worthy places to visit during your stay are the Mission San Jose; a mission founded in 1720 by the Spanish that is now a stunning historical museum, or have a meal at the Colonial Room Restaurant (in the Menger Hotel) for a classic take on good, wholesome food