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Holiday Travel is the time of the year to take a visit, reunite and spend time with family and friends. Airline companies and hotels know this and take advantage of it that is why they also increase costs.

For this reason, traveling during the holidays can be very expensive. Although it may be a bit of a challenge to find deals on holiday travel, there are still ways to do so.

Holiday Travel

Be stradgic in your holiday travel planning


For the most part of the year, the cheapest airfare rates fall on the earliest flight every Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday. On the contrary, flying on Sundays will oftentimes be the most costly holiday travel schedule. However, this general airfare trend may change during the holiday travel season. Even if it is a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday, if the peak dates like 22nd, 23rd, 26th of December and the 2nd of January fall on those days, you have to make a different plan.

During the holidays, the dates rather than the day of holiday travel determine airfare rates. Try to avoid flying on peak dates because they are the most expensive. If you cannot avoid it, you can fly one way on any of those expensive dates and choose a less costly date for your second flight.

Take advantage of early deals on holiday travel

When it comes to holiday travel, it is a common dilemma if it is better to book flights early or wait for last minute deals. However, holiday travel experts say that it is best to grab the deal as soon as you can for as long as you can afford it. For the holidays this 2011, it is more costly to fly and the deals are very limited. Data shows that the average costs of domestic flights from Dec 16 to Jan 1 are pricier by 5% compared to the previous year.

Similarly, international fares are also up by 6%. During the weekend of the New Year’s Eve, domestic fares are higher by 6% while international airfares by 12% versus 2010 prices. The high prices are mainly attributed to the move of many airlines to reduce seats in order to fly full and be more profitable. This does not mean however that getting last minute deals on holiday travel is impossible. It is just more difficult because the demand for flights during the holiday travel greatly increases so there is a lesser possibility of getting a good deal.

Travel light

Airfare is not the only cost that you should think of when traveling. Some airlines today have very affordable airfare rates but charge a lot on baggage. Since you are on a holiday trip and you will most likely give gifts, minimize your luggage costs by sending them through ground service a few days ahead of your scheduled trip.

Try your best to only bring a small piece of luggage for hand carry. If you can pay for early boarding fee which only costs around $10, do so. This will give you the chance to find a good space for your carry-on luggage. The small amount you spend will make you more comfortable when traveling.

Check different sources

People today immediately go to the web when booking flights. However, you may get good deals on holiday travel by calling the airline and directly talking to a representative. Note that you can negotiate the cost of airfare with a representative but you cannot do so through the internet.

Also, there are some airline deals that are not reflected on the web. The wisest thing to do is seek for a good deal over the phone, reserve it and use the 24 hour window to pay for your ticket to check the web. Compare the rate that the representative gave you and the one reflected in the internet then choose the better deal. By checking both sources, you will surely grab the best deal for holiday travel.

Look for an affordable holiday travel accommodation

The least expensive accommodation you can have is to stay at your relatives’ place. But, if this is not an option, you can still get a good deal on holiday travel hotel accommodation by checking different travel sites. Unlike airlines that can reduce their seats to be able to increase airfare costs, hotels cannot cut their capacity. Thus, they still need to fill in their rooms so your chance of grabbing a good deal is higher.