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The family has decided on a summer vacation to Disney World. Disney World truly is fun for the whole family! Now the list making starts so you will not forget anything. Let us help with this guide of seven Disney world vacation tips!

Disney World Vacation

On the road again: Disney World Vacation

Let us begin with the road trip. Whether you are flying or driving being prepared to ride with children can be tricky. The most important disney world vacation thing to remember here is bring snacks and games!

Food is always a hit with kids; it keeps them happy and satisfied. Pack games that are easy to transport, books or hand held games too; games like cheekybingo while on the road will keep the kids occupied and you happy!

All of this will save you a headache when they get bored in the car!

Another line to wait in?

If you want to avoid a line as soon as you get to the park, buy those tickets in advance. You will be able to save some money doing it along with yet another line to wait in.

When your family arrives at Disney World Vacation and the kids see those gates they are going to be so anxious to get into the park so do not delay buy them early!

That bottle of water is how much?

Speaking from experience food and water can be so out of the world expensive at Disney World.

It is always amazing to see just how many people will spend $3-$4 on a bottle of water. Really, it does not make sense to pay that much when you can bring your own. Let the adults in the family wear backpacks that have snacks, water and juice. This can truly put a hinder into the cash at the park if you do not pack your own. Easy, convenient, and money saving are always a hit!

Hotel choices, be smart where you book

There are many hotel choices within the park, near the park and farther away. All the hotels offer an array of amenities so choose one that best fits your family’s needs and budget. There may be a discount available if you buy tickets and book a room at the same time. Never hurts to ask!

Bring strollers & save your back

Yes, yes, and yes again. Be sure to bring strollers for young children. The park of disney world vacation is huge and although they will want to walk to start with, there will come a time when they get worn out. It may seem like a hassle to drag around in the beginning but it will save you in the end!

Disney World Vacation

Be prepared to get wet

Carry with you a couple of baggies to store your cell phones or wallet in. You will be getting on rides that will get you wet. These rides are too much fun to pass up so don’t fret and take a bag.

You’ll want to check before getting on but most ride nowadays have lockers that you can secure your personal items in but this does cost a little. Be sure to bring some pocket change if you decide not to bring some baggies.

Speaking of the Log Flume

When planning your route in the park, be sure to make the water rides last. Everyone hates walking around the park soaked through your pants. However, if it is a really hot day it is a great way to cool off!

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