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If you are looking to book a Guide to Cruises holiday you have probably heard the many misconceptions about these kinds of holidays, such as ‘cruises are for older people’, or ‘cruise holidays are too restricting’. However, it is difficult to truly know what a cruise holiday is like if you haven’t experienced one for yourself.

Here’s what to expect when boarding a cruise ship for the first time:

Guide to Cruises

Visit a number of destinations

One of the best features of a guide to cruises holiday is that you get to visit a number of destinations all for the same price as a standard holiday. Depending on your cruise line and the length of your holiday, you will have the opportunity to experience a wide variety of cultures, cuisines and you may even be able to go on a complimentary excursion.

With a standard holiday resort you are usually confined to that one region, whereas a cruise experience will allow you to organise a range of excursions when your cruise line pulls in to each port.

Another benefit is that there is also a number of cruise deals to be found, whether you are looking for a very cheap cruise or a very expensive one.

Guide to Cruises

A holiday for all the family: Guide to Cruises

Perhaps you are looking for a relaxing break for the whole family? Many cruise lines offer children’s clubs and fantastic water facilities such as swimming pools and water parks that will help to keep your children occupied. This is especially beneficial if you have younger children as all the facilities and activities will be under one roof, ensuring you don’t have to traipse around will your children dragging behind you!

Guide to Cruises

Varied Entertainment

Whether you would enjoy a West-End Theatre show, a trip to the on-board shops or one of the many sporting activities, there will never be a moment of boredom! Most cruise lines offer entertainment throughout the day and during each evening so there’s always something for the whole family to enjoy Guide to Cruises with our travel agency


Do you often come back off holiday and get the feeling that you need another to recover? If you are forever cooking meals for your family on holiday you can sit back and relax whilst the cruise line staff do all the hard work for you. Depending on your package deal you will find that most of the food and drink is all inclusive, however this can vary depending on each individual Guide to Cruises line.