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We have all been in the situation in our lives when we need a vacation extremely bad, but do not have the funds to finance it. Whether you just completed a year-long project at work that consumed every once of your time or if one simply has overcome a difficult period in your life, a vacation often allows one to transition into the next phase of their life in a healthy and effective manner.

Vacations do not need to be lavish, luxurious or expensive to be productive and mind-enhancing. They simply take you out of your stressful environment and allow you to decompress somewhat.

Funding a vacation can be hard even when one is seeking a frugal, inexpensive trip. The tips below may provide ideas for obtaining the funds to make that impossible vacation become possible overnight.

1. Obtain a payday loan

Payday loan companies do not pry into your credit report or conduct lengthy reviews before telling you if you are approved. Many times customers are approved in a few short minutes or hours from the time they applied online. Online payday loans range in amounts as well but it’s typically based on your income.

2. Get a credit card increase

In today’s financial climate, may consumers have used their entire credit card balances and have very little available credit. If this is the case with you or if you need more than what you have available, this may be a remedy. Simply call your credit card company and ask for a credit line increase. Of course, increasing credit card debt is never a good thing, but if you are in a predicament where funds are needed immediately then this may be a viable option.

Although banks have been known to lower credit lines and decline increases due to the economic climate, some banks still keep their customers needs in mind regardless. Some banks truly will take your payment history in mind when considering a credit line increase. Some look at how long you have been a customer. So there is a good chance that you may qualify for a credit line increase.



3. Do a volunteer vacation

Many exotic, international destinations offer volunteer trips that entail travelers vacationing at the destination, but will be taking part in a volunteer opportunity while there.

For example, a trip to a certain region in Africa may be complimentary because you will sleep in very frugal quarters and will be helping construct a school house while staying there. These types of vacations can offer more than one ever imagined. Yes, you may need spending money or even money for airfare on some programs, but consider the philanthropy that takes place and the goodness that comes out of it. Note: If you do need airfare, do some checking around because you can generally find cheap flights that will take you where you want to go.

Many times, travelers return with a new outlook on life; certainly a better experience then simply traveling beach side somewhere. One can find numerous websites online that offer programs of this sort.



Any more ideas?

These are obviously just a few ideas to help you getaway when you desperately need that vacation but don’t have the funds. Please share any ideas you guys have as well – we all are in this situation at one time or another and could use all the options possible.