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While many families would love to travel abroad for holidays, tugging along a host of little ones can be a costly and highly stressful endeavor. In this time where disposable income is at a premium, many Britons are choosing rather to explore the beauty of Great Britain.

Although this may seem like a sacrifice, it is amazing to see just how little the average person truly knows about other regions the UK.

For example, did you know that Devon is the fourth largest county in England but has the lowest population density? And, has anyone ever told you that the open space in Dartmoor, Devon is the largest open space in Southern England and the only county to have two distinct coastlines?

All of this is interesting, and these facts could be used to teach children a bit of geography but that is not what attracts so many families to the area for family holidays. Not only are there beaches where it is possible to enjoy some summertime ‘fun in the sun,’ but there are also fun attractions such as zoos and petting farms that will captivate the little ones for days on end.

One attraction which is becoming more and more popular by the day for children of all ages is Pennywell Farm and Wildlife Centre which is located in South Devon.

There are a host of independent self-catered cottages in a very close proximity and the area is not very distant from the South East coastline of Devon. Seasonal rates may be a bit higher than off-season rates, but that is to be expected anywhere you holiday and staying close to home is certainly a lot less expensive than traveling abroad.

Think Outside of the Box

Explore the National Parks, petting zoos, beaches and shops in Devon and have a family holiday to be remembered for years to come.