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Crystal clear turquoise waters kissing the golden white sands… tangy flavored breeze brushing your hair… a cool sip from the glass gently soaking your senses… serenity that you can close your eyes & slip into…

A day like this at the beach with family is a dream right? No. There are spectacular family beach vacations which are relaxing for kids and adults alike.

5th is Kanaha Beach Park

Kanaha Beach Park located along the north shore of Maui, Hawaii is a golden carpet of sand.

The publicly owned beach is a recreational haven for windsurfing enthusiasts. Activities such as diving, surfing and canoeing keep the adults engrossed but Kanaha is a complete family beach vacation spot offering sandcastle building and seaweed designing for the kids. The large shaded grassy spots cupping the warm sands are the perfect excuse for a relaxing nap.

4th is Magens Bay Beach

Magens Bay Beach, proclaimed as one of the Top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, is in the Caribbean on Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands.

This one mile long stretch of white sand has clear calm waters with tall palm trees, making this a postcard perfect beach for families. Beach chairs and floats are sprinkled all over the beach with several popular snack bars and souvenir shops. There is a nominal entrance fee and the place hosts parties on the weekends; but on weekdays the secluded feel of the beach make it a perfect getaway.

3rd is Ala Moana Beach Park


The Ala Moana Beach Park on the south shore of Oahu, Hawaii, is an excellent destination for a family beach vacation.

The ‘Path to the Sea’ (English translation for the Hawaiian name of the beach) is protected by a shallow outer coral reef and provides calm waters for swimmers. However, there are strong undercurrents and children should not venture too far out in the waters. When combined with the neighboring park area, it provides about 100-acres of complete recreation, picnicking, gaming, sunbathing, swimming and relaxing all rolled into one place – the Ala Moana Beach Park.

2nd is Coronado Beach

Coronado Beach in San Diego is the place for kids to have a merry time. The winter months get chilly and may not be suited for a family beach vacation, but the other months see tourists flock to this and other beaches in San Diego. If sand sculpting and surf smashing doesn’t catch your fancy maybe whale watching and seal spotting will do the trick.

The photogenic beach has a cordoned off Dog Beach for your favorite pet. The sparkling beach is perfectly complimented by the Victorian Del Coronado Hotel, voted in the top resorts of the world.

1st is Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach located on the Florida Space Coast, east of Orlando, is a popular destination for a family beach vacation.

The effervescence of the place is simply engaging. While the beach offers a good sun-tan and loads of kids to create a party-like ambiance, there are also adventures like deep sea diving and para-sailing that one can partake in. At a stone’s throw is the Kennedy Space Center where kids and grown-ups can play out their astronaut fantasies. A wide range of taverns and restaurants assures good deals and bargains during the stay.