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For Mother’s Day, why not surprise mom with something she’s not likely to forget anytime soon. Does she have a favorite band that’s playing soon? Is she spontaneous? Does she like to sit back and relax? There are any number of ways to make your mom happy and excited this Mother’s Day. Why not:

Day Trip Down Memory Lane

Just taking mom for a simple car ride down memory lane can be an adventure for both of you. If your mom doesn’t live in the same house or area of town that you grew up in, why not take a tour of the old neighborhood and share fond memories of your childhood. Afterwards, you can take mom out to dinner or ice cream; any place where you can share even more of your lives with each other.

Take Mom on an Out of Town Trip

Surprising mom with a short out of town trip is a sure way to make her happy. If you live in a crowded urban area, why not take her somewhere quiet, perhaps at a nice bed and breakfast or a local resort. Or, if big cities are your thing, take her somewhere nearby where the two of you can have a wild and fun-filled weekend together.

Make Her Queen for a Day

Even a mother with grown children can have plenty on her plate. Why not send her to a day spa while everyone else pools their resources and cleans her house spotless. When she comes home she’ll be surprised and thrilled. As a bonus, you could have a nice dinner waiting for her.

Go to a Concert

Mom was young once too. Taking her out to see a band or an orchestra she loves is a fun way to spend time together while enjoying something she’s into.

There are hundreds of great ways to surprise mom this Mother’s Day. Be original and make this a day that she’s not likely to forget!