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Morocco destination guides: Morocco is a vast country with a large range of natural landscapes. The Atlas Mountains crisscross the midline, with the great desert on one side and the more fertile coastal areas on the beaches stretching from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and the Rif Mountains in the north to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the hot desert lands of the Mediterranean.

The desert in the south like a gold Also, Morocco is a country with a tourist experience and is considered one of the most very countries for tourists from all parts of the world. Morocco is an Islamic country, but it is open to all world religions and is rich in culture and tourism more than you think


Morocco definitely offers a variety of options for every type of traveler, as you can create a specially designed itinerary and Morocco destination guides to encompass the areas and activities that interest you the most.

Each region in Morocco has its own landscapes, climate, traditions, culture, language, customs and modern day developments. They all capture in their own way

The North


In the north of Morocco, you’ll find the coastal cities of Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca and El Jadida essaouira and dakhla. All offer charm and have a nice view as well as lengthy pleasant beaches. Inland are the culture and historical cities of Fez and Meknes, ancient Imperial Cities, and with Our Morocco destination guides You’ll also find the Rif mountains in the north, a beautifully scenic area and home to the now protected macaque monkeys.

Morocco Destination Guides

The South

Morocco Destination Guides in Marrakech

The far south — and now largely the center of popularity of Moroccan tourism at present — is Marrakech. This “Pink City” (so named because of the pink color of its buildings) is quaint and captivating and is the perfect base to start or end your trip. the time in the city provides thrilling bustle of an activity, traditions and colors while, not far away, the serene hills of the High Atlas, the Marrakesh Plain, the surrounding Gebelt Mountains, and the Atlantic coast.

Morocco Destination Guides

Western Coast

*fishing village of Essaouira

West of Marrakesh, on the Atlantic coast, is the wonderful and very active traditional fishing port of Essaouira. The building’s white and blue colors give the town and its defensive and naval walls great charm. Morocco’s unique argan trees grow indoors, providing argan oil, which is highly respected for its culinary and cosmetic benefits. North and South Essaouira is wonderful coastal places and charming villages.


Morocco destination guides

Atlas Mountains

*Toubkal National Park

South of Marrakesh is the High Atlas Mountains. Toubkal is the highest peak (4,167 m). To explore deep mountain valleys, among the soars peaks, whether on trek or in a 4WD vehicle, opens up wonderful world to the Berber village residents, their activities, and their customs. Their remarkable ingenuity, hard work, and the understanding of how to work with the environment have allowed societies to thrive here for centuries.

Morocco destination guides

The Sahara Desert

Erg chebbi Morocco sahara

The southernmost, but still easy to reach, the desert is. Think oases, palm trees, sandy seas, and camels shaded against the sunset. The desert consists of rocky desert, and sandy desert. Watching the magnificent sunset over the sandy Merzouga Sea with camel rides, for an example, is very beautiful. Spending  “a night under the stars” (in bedouin tent!) Is also the most active.

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