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Introducing Morocco Tours from UK  & Morocco Travel from UK

Morocco tours from the UK & Travel to Morocco from UK Only few hours, ‘ flight away from the UK, Morocco is like a paradise. Our Morocco tours from the UK began in the vibrant Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes and Tangier. Here you can enjoy the exotic scenery, sounds, and smells of the Medina, here are the labyrinth-style open-air market and the snake charmers, fortune-tellers, musicians, and food stalls of Djemaa el-Fna square.

However, it is not just Marrakech that Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK. Explore the narrow alleys, workshops, and handicrafts of the ancient medina in Fez; a stroll along with the coastal roads of the historic of Casablanca; visit the bustling capital Rabat; or relax in the charming coastal city of Essaouira body and a mind.

To further explore this fascinating country, our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK you can discover a head inland to traditional Berber villages with green valleys, snow-capped peaks and magnificent Atlas Mountains, as well as the Sahara Desert.

Why visit Morocco with Epica Travel?

Our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK has been carefully designed to bring you the authentic flavors of this fascinating country. For example, Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes’ Splendid Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK excursions include cooking classes, and our two, vacations both include time spent in the magical Moroccan desert.

The Epica Travel manager will be with you throughout the Morocco travel from UK  and,  a journey to make sure that everything is going well, and you will enjoy our iconic VIP transportation and accommodation-the perfect starting and ending point for your holiday.


Morocco map

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Morocco Travel from UK Tips

Where can I fly from?

Currently, our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK all departs from Gatwick Airport in the UK. For the latest flight information, please contact our travel advisor or browse various holiday pages.

Where am I going?

We will be in and out of Marrakech, during the Morocco holiday package with our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK.

What hotel options are there?

Riads, desert camps, kasbahs-when it comes to accommodation in Morocco, there is some good options. To find out where you will stay during the holidays, please visit the respective travel page or consult our travel advisors for detailed information.

How about local transportation in Morocco?

We tend to travel by coach and four-wheel drive vehicles, although our “Splendid your Morocco travel from UK & Tour of Morocco” travel also includes camel trekking (we use camels to go to the desert camp). Outside of major cities, keep in mind that roads may be uneven and winding (especially in the Atlas Mountains).

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Highlights of Morocco travel from UK


Morocco tours from UK

Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK exploring Casablanca is perhaps one of the most famous cities in Africa. It is a melting pot of different cultures, although many of them are based on Marseilles-the most famous is its wide streets and parks-you will also see numerous Moors The building and the Hassan II Mosque, it is one of the largest such buildings in the world.

Make the most of your visit to Casablanca and visit the ancient neighborhoods (whose history dates back to before the city was occupied by France) to admire the various historical buildings.

Morocco Tours from UK  Morocco Travel from UK


During Your Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK & your holiday to Marrakech (also known as the Red City), you can discover a lot of culture, and a history. It is located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains and is famous for its maze of winding alleys and alleys, lined with stalls and open-air markets, selling all kinds of goods.

This is the ideal place to pick up travel souvenirs-although you should be prepared to bargain to a bargain-and visit the Djemaa El Fna square in Hee D, you can see all the information about the blanket weavers, and the carpet merchants who sell their wares. Go to the snake charmer The people perform with the fortune-teller, and then head to one of many rooftop cafés for coffee.

Other attractions include the 19th century Bahia Palace, Agdal Gardens, and the Museum of Marrakech, which includes examples of traditional and contemporary arts as well as Berber, Jewish, and Arabic artifacts.


Morocco Tours from UK  Morocco Travel from UK

If you do not travel to Fes, Our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK the taking you to visiting Morocco’s cultural holiday will be incomplete. It not only has the world’s oldest and constantly running university-the University of Al-Karaouine, which was founded in 859-Fes el Bali is also a UNESCO Listed as a World Heritage Site you can see the locals live their lives in a traditional way.

Visit the Andalusia and Karaioni districts of the city, and you will be able to buy a range of locally produced handicrafts.

The Atlas Mountains

Morocco Tours from UK  Morocco Travel from UK

Atlas Mountains

Morocco’s Atlas Mountains separate the Sahara from the Atlantic Ocean. It not only has spectacular scenery, but also gives a glimpse of the country’s long history.
Crossing the Todgha Gorge with Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK and the Qiankasbach Valley, you will see several well-known fortified villages. Perhaps the most attractive is Tinghir.

The high mountains in this historic town surrounded by palm trees, and palm trees provide a refuge for the leaders of Morocco, while the country is occupied by the French.
Here you can find more information about Berber culture-not only in the architecture of the building, but you can also sample traditional dishes, and see local people wear thick cloak haik.

Camel Trekking

Morocco Tours from UK  Morocco Travel from UK

Camels trekking in our Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK crossing the sand dunes of the Sahara Desert

In the order to experience the desert environment more quietly, the camel trek meets this requirement. The camel trek can last for a short time, it can be used as a way to climb the dunes to enjoy the sunset (or actually the sunrise), and/or it can take a day or two (or longer). You really want to be in the desert by yourself Shrouded in experience and a traditional lifestyle.

FAQs – booking UK to Morocco flights

When is the best time to fly to Morocco from UK?

the peak season:
During most of the years, it is difficult to finds cheap flights to Morocco, and July, and August is the hottest months. a spring is around April and May, offering cheap flights to Morocco and ideal weather. The weather is not too hot, and you will never be cold. Although an avoid overpaying, please be sure to keep your ticket in the advance.

The weather will vary depending on the exact location you are going to Morocco, so, it is expected that the south and more desert-like regions will be hotter than the mountains. If you plan to visit in February, the then, please book your flight tickets in advance, as Tafraoute hosts the Almond Tree Blossom Festival.

Low season:
Although July and August can be classified as peak seasons, they also lowing seasons. The temperature of almost all tourists will become unbearable, and even some locals struggle with the high temperature. However, you may find cheap flights to Morocco, but they may end up melting in your hotel room.

When is the best time to book a flight to Morocco from UK?

You will find that the cheapest flight to Morocco is when it raining around November, or the two hottest months of the year. Either way, you should ensure the safety of your ticket at least two or 3 months in the advance.

If you have enough flexibility and are not restricted by school holidays or off-hours, then you will find that the cheapest flight to Morocco is just to compare different dates and locations. If your flight to Morocco will take you to Marrakech, sitting on either side of the neighborhood will provide you with stunning scenery.

Which day is cheapest to fly to Morocco from UK?

The cheapest day to fly to Morocco is usually Tuesday. Currently, Friday is the most expensive.

How long is the flight to Morocco from UK?
Which airlines operate flights to Morocco from UK?

Ryanair, easyJet and British Airways offer cheap flights to Morocco, and each has its own pros, and cons. So far, Ryanair and easyJet will provide the cheapest flights to Morocco, but at the expense of comfort. You also need to be careful when booking air tickets in the summer, as you may notice a sharp increase in the price of checked baggage (sometimes much higher than the ticket’s price).

British Airways are not the cheapest airline, but they are comfortable to fly. You can get free snacks and drinks during the entire flight to Morocco, which is added a bonus. After deciding where to go to Morocco, you can start to research and compare different airlines to find the most suitable ticket for you.

What is the cheapest flight to Morocco from London?

In the past 72 hours, the cheapest airfare from London to Morocco was £103 one-way and £47 round-trip. The most popular route is from London to Marrakech, and the cheapest round-trip ticket found on this route in the past 72 hours is £23.


Morocco tours & travel from UK and more, which is enough to have a general idea about Morocco Tours from UK & Morocco Travel from UK in all Morocco tours  because you’ll be able to visit most of the important spots in Morocco.

Important Note : Our Morocco tours & travel from UK can change according to your requirements and needs, So please feel free to contact-us

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