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Morocco tours from USA /Travel to Morocco from USA

The American people are, without doubt, one of the most travelers in the world. And although it is not among its main source markets (it is France, followed by Spain, the United Kingdom and Germany), Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA Ais possibility at the hand of anyone. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that it will increase in the coming years, as are already happening with tourists from Asia, especially China. In this article, we will tell you some questions

that you should know if you live in the USA, speak Spanish; and plan to travel here. And we remind you that our agency can organizes a tailor-made tour upon arrival in the country, with a private driver and other accompanying professionals.

Morocco tours from USA

14 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Morocco tours from USA

Morocco’s attractions tours from USA offer a wonderful taste of the exotic setting, with the magic of snakes and witches, the markets have stacked with hordes of treasures and endless cups of a mint tea. It’s also an adventure into some of North Africa’s most scenic landscapes, with the desert at its doorstep and the rocky heights of the Atlas Mountains behind.

Morocco is also a journey into an immortal and serene world of pleasant coastal villages, colorful towns clinging to hillsides, and remote outposts defended by a mud-brick forts. This wonderful country is a fusion of the African and Arab worlds and is steeped in ancient customs. No wonder Morocco has been celebrated by artists and writers for decades and continues to enchant everyone who visits it.

Discover the best places to visit in this captivating the country with our list of the top tourist attractions in Morocco from USA.

1. Marrakesh Medina

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Marrakesh Medina

The buzz of the bustling and vibrant city of Marrakech sums up Morocco for many visitors and is a major tourist attraction. the entry to the old city is made from the wide square in Jemaa El-Fna Square, where it seems that a half of the city converges throughout the day and into the evening to hangs out with stall sellers, traditional musicians, snake magicians and random acrobatics.

Once inside Medina itself, you’ll enter a world of a maze-like alleys and the hustle and the bustle of shopkeepers. It is an experience full of the colorful and bustling local life and not to be missed on the Moroccan sightseeing itineraries tours from USA.

2. Hassan II Mosque

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Hassan II Mosque

The Hassan II Mosque is the main attraction and a landmark of Casablanca. It is not only the luxurious symbol of the city, but also the luxurious symbol of Morocco itself. This modern mosque has (built in 1993) was not abandoned halfway. Every centimeter of the decorative details of this huge 2-hectare behemoth was completed by 10,000 craftsmen.

The exquisitely carved marble works, vibrant mosaics and hard ceramic tiles pay a tribute to the traditional Islamic architectural ideas and the essence of the moroccan handicraft, but at the same time, they still manage to maintain a modern feel.

3. Oudaias Kasbah

morocco tours from USA  travel to Morocco from USA

Oudaias Kasbah

Morocco has many beautiful old towns, but the Oudaias Kasbah community in Rabat must be one of the most beautiful areas in the country. This is a peaceful and quaint area, although it is located in the city center, it feels a few miles away from the city. Inside the walls of this ancient fortress, the lanes of neat white and blue houses are surrounded by colorful flower pots and floating washing, exuding an atmosphere of insurmountable time.

Even better, unlike the old towns of Fes and Marrakesh, there are almost no other tourists here, so exploring this beautiful corner of the capital seems like you have been properly kept.

4. Fes el Bali

morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Fes el Bali

Along with Marrakech, Fez is another important cultural destination in Morocco. But unlike the sister imperial cities in the south, Fes are not constrained by tourists. Fes el Bali (Old Town) is a true landmark of a place where it is easy to gets lost. There are tattered stucco and gorgeous old doors in the alleys here, which will take you to stop and take pictures at every corner, and visiting the smelly leather factory are one of the most popular activities in Fes el Bali. One, for those who can handle this smell.

5. Tangier

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco travel from USA


Tangier is the most European city of all European cities in Morocco. It has played a fascinating role in the literary history of the 20th century and has been banished to some extent. The pastime has attracted many tourists to come here. The city inspired famous works such as Paul Bowles’ “Sky Covered” and William Burroughs’ “Naked Lunch”.

The slutty cafés and louche bars have long been gone, but Tangier may have been scrubbed from the beginning of the day, but you can still catch the old days.

6. Chefchaouen

Morocco tours from USA travel to morocco tours from USA


In the beautiful Rif Mountains (Rif Mountains), Chefchaouen is a labyrinthine blue building with a blue background, emitting an incredible photo-like light. There are not many actual sightseeing activities, which are one of the main attractions of the town. It’s just about wandering the alleys of the medina and a wrapping up all these colorful buildings. This is quiet, easy-going a town, and a good place to recharge if you stay in the city for a while.

This is also one of Morocco’s main hiking and trekking destinations, and the starting point and the organization center for trekking in the Rif Mountains.

7. Volubilis

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA


The number one Roman ruins in Morocco is a feast for history buffs, and there are still a bunch of eye-catching mosaics in the unearthed place. This place is also full of tumbling columns and temple ruins, a reminder that even the greatest empire eventually collapsed. The location on the top of the mountain makes the ruins all over the surrounding countryside, adding a romantic atmosphere to the lost glory. Go through the ruins to the Capitol and the Forum to enjoy the view.

From Meknes or Fes, it’s easy to visit this tourist attraction on a day trip

8. Bab al-Mansour

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Bab al-Mansour

This huge portal (from the Medina protecting the entrance of the Meknes Empire a city district) is known for its stunning decorations. Bab al-Mansour symbolizes the immortal memories of the sudanese power and is a magnificent relic of the glorious era of Meknes as the capital of Morocco. It is widely regarded as the most magnificent and best-preserved a gateway to Morocco from USA.

Come late in the afternoon, the photograph the gate in a soft light, and then stroll through the small maze of the medina in Meknes, which is much more leisurely than the medina in nearby Fes.

9. Ait Ben Haddou

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Ait Ben Haddou

This golden adobe kasbah (a fortress) is an eye-catching in the scenery and amazes all visitors. This is a fairy tale place. There is no doubt that the orange turrets and curved lanes have become Hollywood’s favorite filming locations because of its surreal beauty. If you want to get the full Ait Ben Haddou experience, you can even sleep in the castle, although those who like their biological comforts should be aware that there is no electricity in the fortress.

If you are going to the interior of Morocco, then it should definitely be on your must-visit list. Try to come early in the morning or the late afternoon, as the crowd on the tour bus drops from around 10 am to 2 pm.

10. Dades Valley

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Dades Gorges

Hikers, hikers and nature lovers should not miss the journey to the pristine landscape of Morocco’s Dades Valley. The high snow-covered peaks of the White Atlas in the distance, for those who have become fragmented in the souks of Marrakesh and Fes, a country with high skies. It is the perfect antidote. There are many small villages there. the special bird discovery opportunities; a great day trip options; and enjoy the sight of lush fields and orchards among the orange cliffs of the canyon, strolling in a front of you.

11. Essaouira

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA


Morocco’s The most charming seaside town is the laid-back Essaouira, a hippie the old man in the 1970s who have never lost its authenticity. Colorful fishing boats are swaying on the water, and the solemn old coastal fortress walls and curved old city alleys make Essaouira very happy.

There is a good food place here, a seafood is obviously the mid-stream tay pillar on the menu, and a cafe life is also great. For those looking for more active sightseeing, you can also stroll along the beach to remote villages and then surf along the beach.

12. Erg Chebbi

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Erg Chebbi

The interior of the Sahara region of eastern Morocco is the huge and undulating sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, where potential explorers and adventure seekers go there for some desert activities. This is the main area for dune surfing, swatting four-wheel drive dunes and (more authentic) camel trekking. For those who are not so active, just sitting in the dunes is enough and it is worth the long journey here. For most travelers so far, the highlight is that they have spent a night in a desert camp among the dunes.

13. Draa Valley

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

 Draa Valley kasbah

This valley, which connects the southeastern end of the High Atlas Mountains with the desert, is the main territory for architecture and history lovers. All the way to Zagora (Zagora) town, beside the road is an oasis of palm trees, surrounded by beautifully preserved castles made of mud bricks, fascinating.

This is a great place for road trips, stopping in the village along the way to admire the scenery and delve into the dark and dimly lit passages in the castle. Particularly worth seeing is the Kasbah des Caids in Tamnougalt, which was used as a filming location for Hollywood movies, and the village of Timidarte, where The Kasbah building has been well restored.

14. Rif Mountains

Morocco tours from USA travel to Morocco from USA

Rif Mountains

Most of the mountain scenery in Morocco is rugged palm peaks, surrounded by palm groves and arid plains, while the Rif Mountains provide some lush green reliefs. For hikers, cyclists and day travelers, this is a great opportunity to get into nature, whether it is advanced hikers or those who just want to walk for short distances, there are many trails here.

Tetouan and Chefchaouen are the main bases for your adventures on Mount Rif. Check out the hiking trails of Talassemtane National Park and admire its cedar and fir forest-covered slopes, as well as magnificent canyons and valleys, so that you can make the most of the natural beauty of the area.



1 Travel to Morocco from the United States by plane

2 Do you need a visa to travel to Morocco from the USA?

3 Currency exchange and price comparison

Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA by plane

Given the great distance that separates both countries, Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA has to be done by plane. And there are some direct routes, operated by Royal Air Maroc, all arriving at the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. The cities from which these direct air routes depart are Boston (6 hours and 25 minutes of flight), Miami (7 hours and 55 minutes), New York (6 hours and 45 minutes) and Washington (7 hours and 5 minutes). On the other hand, if a travel stopover is added, the options are multiplied, although the duration of the route also increases. Some airports where stopovers are usually made are Madrid, Paris or London, which allows you to reach cities other than Casablanca, such as Marrakech or Agadir.

Do you need a visa to Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA?

If you have American nationality, you will not need to obtain a visa to Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA. It will be enough to do it with your passport, at least if you plan to stay in this North African country for a period of less than 90 days as a tourist. Said passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the moment of entry. If you plan to extend your stay for more than 90 days, request more information at the Moroccan consulate in New York or Washington.

Currency exchange, and price comparison

If you are going to travel to Morocco from the United States, and arrange your Morocco tours from USA & Travel to Morocco from USA, another aspect of interest is the currency, the exchange rate and the price comparison. And the good news in this regard is the cost of living here is much lower. Today, the change is around the following:

1 US dollar equals 9.66 Moroccan dirhams

1 Moroccan dirham equals 0.10 US dollars

Regarding the prices that you will find in Morocco, we give you some reference figures and roughly:

1 menu in an average restaurant with three courses: $8

1 pair of pants (Levi’s brand or similar): $30

1 liter of gasoline: $1.10

To change currency on Moroccan soil, you can do it at exchange offices located in large cities and at the main transport infrastructures (airports, ports and border posts). Also in the country’s banks, as we indicate on this page, especially in the Banque Marocaine du Commerce Extérieur (BMCE).

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