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Introducing Morocco

Morocco travel agency & Morocco tour operators

Morocco is vast country, stretching from the Mediterranean coast in the north to the Sahara fairyland in the south. You can spend the afternoon tea on the rooftops of Marrakech, ride camel through the desert, or a hike in the snow-capped High Atlas mountains; no matter which the way you choose, you will love it Experience everything Morocco has to offer to spend your Morocco tours operators.

Morocco tour operators extends from the Mediterranean coast and the Rif mountain range in the north to the Atlantic coast in the west, and then to the hot land of the Sahara Desert in the south. Morocco is a vast country with numerous landscape areas. Across the midline is the Atlas Mountains, with the Sahara Desert on one side and dense coastal areas on the other.

Each region of Morocco has its own scenery, climate, traditions, customs and modern development. Everyone is fascinated in their own way. Morocco will of course offer multiple options for each type of traveller, where you can create a tailor-made itinerary to include the areas and activities that interest you most.

Morocco travel agency & Morocco tour operators

are one of the most amazing experiences that you can have in North Africa!

The reason that makes Morocco a special country is simple: diversity. Morocco is one of the richest countries ever.

This richness is apparent in the natural landscapes, preserved history, Morocco desert tours, as well as rich culture.

No Moroccan region is similar to the other.

Once you embark on one of the Morocco travel agency and Morocco tour operators, you’ll be astonished at how much this country holds. From Mountains to Sahara deserts, incredible beaches, and historical monuments.

When you go on a Morocco travel agency you should always expect to see UNESCO world heritage sites, ancient Kasbahs, vast dunes, and heart-warming cities.

Your Morocco travel agency and tour operators will definitely be a life-changing experience.

Come on now and discover the sort of fun that you can have in Morocco itinerary!

We welcome you to check out our Morocco travel agency. Pick up the tour that you like the most and contact us to organize an amazing, exotic your Morocco tour operators & trip to Morocco.

Below, you can find our top picks.

Why travel to Morocco

    Morocco is a warm place! This makes it a favorable Morocco travel destination all year round. Certainly, you need not wait for summertime to make a Moroccan travel plans . Yet, summer in Morocco has its perks! Many surfers and wind lovers find their passion in Essaouira city and Dakhla city to exploring your Morocco luxury holidays & Morocco desert tours with our travel company.

Morocco tour operators is a great destinations in our tourist country. Many people rely on tourism and leisure activities ( Camel Trekking, Night in desert camp, Sahara Tour Guided, 4WD Morocco desert tours, Morocco Adventure & excursions, Morocco luxury holidays, private and group desert tours…). This makes Morocco a place of high touristic competition. So, the options for travel plans available are many. This gives you the chance to choose freely what suits your Morocco desert tours preferences. You would also get the chance to meet people from all over the world and why not make some friends!

  Morocco is essentially a very affordable place to live in and spend your Morocco holidays. If you are on a low budget and want to go far and have a good time, Morocco could be the best travel destination for you! Shopping in Morocco is a 2-in-1 experience: you get to discover Morocco,  the country and its culture while you look for things on your shopping list. There are many souks (marketplace) and malls in Morocco, some specialize in traditional locally produced goods, others are international brands.

Certainly, Morocco is one of the safest countries in the world! So issues of safety are highly unlikely to happen while you travel in Morocco and manage your best dream with our Morocco travel packages . Moroccan people tend to be very protective and concerned about the safety of foreign visitors.

Morocco is a wonderland! to spend you Morocco luxury holidays  Imagine a long history of myths and legends that is still well preserved in all aspects of Moroccan life . Imagine ancient kingdoms and their sultans, palaces, Kasbahs and fortresses, gardens and shops, Morocoo desert tours with camel trekking in the middel of Sahara desert over night in camp…They are all still here telling their tales of old! At times, you will feel lost in the medinas of Fes and Meknes.

You will fall in love with the atmosphere of Marrakech city. You will admire the beauty of Chefchaouen. You will feel inspired by the soulful Essaouira city and you will find peace in the Sahara desert. You will have an amazing summer in Morocco. Your journey in Morocco luxury holidays, Morocco desert tours, will always be worth remembering!

Morocco Epica Travel Agency are dedicated to making your Morocco Luxury holidays with all types (Morocco Desert tours,Travel to Morocco, Morocco tour operators, Morocco luxury holidays, Morocco cultural travel, historial Morocco tours, best places to visit in Morocco, Desert trips & camel trekking…etc) and travel experiences in Morocco unique and exciting.

With us, you will know why travel to Morocco and why it is good for you. You will also learn about the most exciting things to do and the places to see in this country with our Moroccan local guides and drivers.

Our expert team of Moroccan travel guides and drivers provide you with the best Morocco luxury holidays travel plans including tours,transport, Hotels/Riads reservations,accommodations … and day trips in some of Morocco’s best tourist destinations. Most importantly, we ensure that you feel satisfied and happy about your travel with our Morocco travel company and stay in Morocco.

Relax in a Moroccan Hammam!

Certainly one of the best things to do in Morocco is to experience the traditional Moroccan Hammam! This is a very healthy and relaxing experience.

Moroccan traditional hammams can be found anywhere you go in Morocco, they are mostly very affordable.  If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, modern Moroccan spas are a perfect choice for your Morocco luxury holiday plans!     Besides, there are many hot springs (”hammat” in Moroccan Arabic) where you can get an intense relaxation experience, such as Moulay Yacoub hot springs in the region of Fes, and the hammat of the Sahara.

See new & exotic things in Morocco

Morocco is a unique place, much of what you would see, do, or experience in this country is different in so many ways! Being in an exotic place gives your senses and your mind something new to learn, analyze, and recognize. This kind of distraction to your thoughts brings relief and emotional stability.

The natural landscape in Morocco is very diverse: Mountains, valleys and waterfall,  lakes, beaches, and of course the Sahara desert, are all options for you! You can explore the wilderness at high comfort thanks to our organized Morocco luxury holidays. Connection with mother nature in Morocco will restore balance and calm to your mind!

Savor the healthy Moroccan food

The food you would be eating in Morocco is part of the mental balance you would be restoring. Moroccan cuisine is for the most part based on the use of vegetables, spices, and herbs. If you are interested in learning how to cook Moroccan food, you will certainly get your chance to learn about some dishes, and perhaps you will adopt some eating habits of the Moroccan people.

Moroccan tea is for sure one of the best healthy drinks you would want to try out in Morocco. Try for example the Moroccan tea with aromatic herbs, it has a lot of health benefits! Also, you may want to try the famous Argan oil which is known for its miraculous benefits for skin and hair. Argan can be found in the south of Morocco, especially in the region of Agadir, a beautiful all year round warm city with incredible beaches!

Feel free in Morocco

Traveling means being free. Traveling makes you free. When thoughts and negative vibes heap up in your head, and you feel a need to break free from this, traveling to another place can detach you from unpleasant realities.


Meet the friendly Moroccans

Moroccan people are very friendly and hospitable. They are often curious about strangers and are eager to get to know them. Language is usually not a problem, Moroccans always find a way to express themselves. Most young Moroccans speak French and English very well. It is not surprising if you get invited in for a cup of tea by a stranger!

Feel the spirituality of Morocco

Morocco is a spiritual place! Many of the places you will be visiting like ancient mosques and madrassas will stir spirituality within you! The festival of spiritual music in Fes city and the International Festival of Gnawa music in Essaouira are great occasions to experience the spirituality of Morocco in its artistic forms.

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