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Traveling for holiday or business is an exciting way to see your home country or even the globe.

There are some simple things that you can do to boost your body’s immune system to ensure good health whether you are going across the state or to a foreign country.

Your immune system is the first line of defense against illness, but there are also options that include vaccinations and precautionary medications when traveling abroad.

Your Personal Health

One of the biggest challenges travelers face is maintaining. It is a good idea to take a look at what you currently eat and try to keep your diet similar while traveling. One way to do this is by stocking up on fruits and whole grain options and taking along a cooler if you are traveling by car or in a motor home. For those flying to their destinations, one option is to check local supermarkets for presliced fruits and vegetables that can be eaten in your hotel room. Sticking with a healthy diet rather than resorting to fast food fare will keep your body prepared to fight any invaders that may make you sick along the route.

Taking a daily multi-vitamin or adding an immune system booster to your daily regimen is also an option. For example, the herbs Echinacea and elder berry can be used to improve your immune system and help fight viruses and bacteria that enter your body. There are also a wide range of illness fighters that are added to water to boost your immune system if you know that you have been exposed to a virus or bacterial illness.

Personal Care and Hygiene

While most doctors recommend staying away from antibacterial hand soaps and hand sanitizers, it is highly recommended that you wash your hands frequently while traveling to avoid accidentally ingesting a bacteria or virus. All you really need is warm water and soap, but in a pinch an alcohol based hand sanitizer is better than using nothing at all to kill germs. The best option is to choose an environmentally safe hand sanitizer, however. Not only are eco-friendly sanitizers better for the Earth, they are also better for you and your family.

Taking care of your body also requires that you sleep well while traveling. It can be difficult to sleep enough when you are vacationing and trying to fit in a lot of activities each day. Adults need an average of six to eight hours of sleep every night, while young children and babies can require up to twelve hours of sleep depending on age. Taking along something that is familiar, such as your own blankets, can be a simple way to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep easily in a new environment.

Vaccinations and Medications


When visiting a foreign country, you may need to have vaccinations to ensure you stay healthy during your travels. You will want to visit your personal physician or a local travel clinic to find out which vaccinations you will need based on the country that you are traveling to. Most people will also want to take at least a thirty day supply of all their current medications when traveling abroad, even if the trip is just a for a long weekend. Taking extra medications is recommended. Extra medication can be vital if you are delayed for any reason.