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There is no greater stress buster than a pet. Gone are the days when pets were kept only for performing laborious tasks or for some kind of financial benefit. Today pets have become a beloved companion, a member of the family, and without whom a vacation isn’t a vacation.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind when traveling with pets;

Tip 1: Conduct a Thorough Examination before Hand

Would you travel if you were sick? Your pet shouldn’t either. It is highly advised that you consider your pet’s health before you travel. Is he or she recovering from an illness or in a condition where rest is a better option? A trip to the vet is advised even if your pet is healthy; this would ensure that you don’t encounter health problems while traveling with pets.

traveling with pets

Tip 2: Invest in a Comfortable Pet Carrier

You should invest in a comfortable carrier before you travel with pets. Even if your entire travel is via car, it is a good practice to have a carrier in case you need it. If you are flying, a carrier is a must and should consider the fact that the pet would spend its most difficult part of the vacation in the carrier.

The carrier should be large enough for the pet to lie down and turn. The ventilation should not be blocked by latches or hinges. Keep an absorbing material on the floor of the cage and ensure that it doesn’t leak. The carrier will be handled by others so a strong handle on the outside would keep the personnel secure from being bitten. It is good practice to get your pet comfortable in staying inside the cage before the actual trip.

traveling with pets

Tip 3: Use Tags & Leashes

You can be extremely careful when you travel with pets but the possibility of the two of you getting separated is always there. Ensure that your pet is wearing a tag with essential information like your name and contact information on it. Some people are known to include vaccination updates as well. Never leave a leash inside the carrier. There is a possibility of your pet getting entangled and even suffocating because of it. Chokes and training collars are also not something that goes in the carrier; carry these separately with you.

Tip 4: Research Hotel Policies

If you are going to stay in hotels or lodges, inquire before leaving that where you want to stay is a pet-friendly vacation rental. Some do not entertain pets at all, while others are known to dissuade owners by levying hefty fees. Some hotels give pet owners a smoking room only or a street view only. Make the trip comfortable for your pet and yourself.

Tip 5: Don’t Forget Essentials

An extra leash, collar, blanket, bedding, wipes, fresh water, medicines, tranquillizer shots, tweezers, toys, treats, brush, waste removal bags, first aid kit, flash torch are all highly recommended for the unexpected when you travel with pets. It is better that you pack a little extra because your pet is almost like a baby; very lovable but needs extra attention.

In general it is a good idea to keep checking on your pet if a carrier is used. In case of flights, in transit ask if you can walk the pet (if applicable). It is good exercise as well as a much needed reunion.