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Costa Rica Vacation

Looking to plan your next family vacation and can’t seem to decide which dream location is right for you?

Why don’t you take a little advice from “The Happiest Country On Earth” and visit the celestial paradise of Costa Rica. Known for years as a safe, adventure filled, tropical travel destination, newest studies show that the people of Costa Rica are actually the happiest people, in the WORLD!

I’m sure its not hard to imagine why but here are 10 great reasons why you should chose Costa Rica as your next family adventure Costa Rica vacation destination.


Have you seen the face of a monkey up close? If no, then that should be a great reason right there. A Costa Rica Vacation boasts some of the most diverse wildlife from wild cats, monkeys, sloths, tropical reptiles, birds, and more. Get up-close and personal with the animals that cover the pages of National Geographic magazines at your dentist’s office, and see for yourself what all the fuss is about

Costa Rica Vacation


You can actually visit a 5,437-foot volcano. Sure, Arenal is a resting volcano but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. It has still been the most active volcano of Costa Rica for the past 43 years. The volcano hosts some of the most divine hot springs you could imagine, varieties to fit every budget and style. You can also check out the volcano at a quicker pace by joining a zip-lining canopy tour through the treetops. If you love Arenal be sure to check out the other six active and more than 60 dormant volcanoes of the country. Now that is a HOT tourist destination.

Costa Rica Vacation


The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica offers the local Caribbean styles, with delicious coconut seafood fares, mellow pura vida lifestyles, and lots and lots of snorkeling. The beautiful reefs of the Caribbean offer spotted rays, nurse sharks, lionfish, puffers, and some of the most magnificent reefs you can imagine. Just a short trek across the country is well worth it to visit the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters of Puerto Viejo.

Costa Rica Vacation


Speaking of crystal blue waters, you have to check out Rio Celeste. Located in Tenorio Volcano National Park is some of the bluest water you will ever come across. Tenorio Volcano National Park is one of the newer National Parks and is making a lot of noise as a must see tourist hot spot. The frothy blue cascading waterfall and lagoons are caused by the natural combination of sulfur mixed with the calcium carbonate combining in the streams above. A must see slice of natural beauty, preserved from tourists, to be maintained in all its beauty.


Another tourist destination not too far from Arenal and Rio Celeste is Monteverde. Also known as the cloud forest, for the constant cloud cover that this rainforest receives, is a beautiful way to experience the real meaning of “rain” forest. The misty cover engulfs coffee plantations, monkeys, and the small town of Santa Elena. At the altitude of 4,662-ft, the fog helps supply water to over 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds, tens of thousands of insect species, and over 2,500 species of plants, 420 of which are orchids. Take a canopy tour, trek the trails, visit the museums, or walk the skylines. It is a great way to see the forest whether it’s from above the clouds or below the treetops.


If you want to see how the city works in a developing country you should check out the capital, San Jose. Surrounded by the lush green mountains and valleys makes this a beautiful city to visit. With the major international airport located there you can check out some of the city life on your way to your Costa Rica Vacation Rental.


While in San Jose you should check out a local soccer game. Whether you choose to support last years champs La Liga, Alajuelnse, at their home stadium in Alajuela or are a fan of their bitter rivals Saprissa, at the new and vibrant stadium in San Jose. Either way you are sure to have an amazing time. Remember no alcoholic drinks allowed in the stadiums, so do as the locals do and enjoy your adult beverages before hand. You can also pick up a jersey for the kids at a great price from any of the many vendors on the streets the day of the game.


Anyone looking to get in some good waves during their Costa Rica vacation should check out Tamarindo Beach. Located just a 5 minute walk away from your Tamarindo Vacation Rental, you will find the pristine beach break offering perfect lefts and rights all day long. Tamarindo also has smaller areas for the beginners and a river mouth for the more experienced surfer. Tamarindo is one of the main locations where the original Endless Summer was filmed and home of the famous surfer Robert August.


You should also check out the stunning Osa Peninsula. Drake Bay and Corcovado National Park, an ecotourism location for tourists looking to really experience the jungle and nature that Costa Rica offers. As one of the most bio diverse locations in the world you will be sure to see tons of unique flora and fauna, animals, reptiles, birds, and insects.


Of course you also have to check out Tortugero National Park, a famous breeding ground on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica where four of the eight species of the world’s marine turtles come to lay their eggs. There you can also check out the endangered West Indian manatee. Quite the sight to see all of the moms laying their eggs, and even more amazing watching the little baby turtles hatching and making their way back to the ocean.

No matter what is on your list of places to see, and things to do during you next Costa Rica vacation, rest assured it will be one of the happiest places, you have ever been!

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