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  When visiting New England, you simply must put these spots on your list of must-see destinations. They represent some of the most beautiful, interesting, and fun locations in the Northeast.

Touring New England – Four Sites You Need to See

Wiscasset, Maine

The Town of Wicasset is like many other areas of mid-coast Maine. There’s something especially charming about this village, though, that keeps bringing people back year after year. Perhaps it’s the town’s terrific antique shops, the splendor of Sortwell Forest, or just its ability to transport people to a simpler time that embodies some of New England’s best features.

Regardless, it’s a place worth visiting if you want a relaxing vacation away from the city, but you don’t want to get bored in the middle of no where.

Image via Flicker by Dougtone

Six Flags New England in Agawam, Massachusetts

Looking for fun  things to do in Boston? Hop in a car and take a short road trip to Agawam, Massachusetts, where you’ll find Six Flags New England. The amusement park has over a dozen thrilling rides, including:

  • Bizarro, which was voted the second best steel rollercoaster of 2011
  • Batman: the Dark Knight
  • Mind Eraser

There are also plenty of rides for kids and family members who aren’t looking to get their brains scrambled. If you visit Boston in summer, you have to stop by Six Flag’s water park, where you’ll get wet and experience plenty of adrenaline rushes.

Image via Flickr by ReneS

Roseland Cottage, Woodstock, Connecticut

Woodstock, Connecticut might not have a history quite as exciting as Woodstock, New York, but it still has plenty of sites worth visiting, especially if you love Gothic Revival architecture. The Roseland Cottage is one of the area’s best examples of Gothic Revival. The “cottage” (it’s a mansion by most people’s standards), has intricately designed chimney pots and steep gables.

Inside, visitors will find a mixture of impressive items, including colorful rugs and stained glass from the Victorian Age. Outside, you can enjoy beautiful gardens that seem to nestle the building perfectly. You can even visit the original gardens planted by the owners in the 1850s.

Image via Flickr by Dougtone

Hancock Shaker Village, Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Many cultures have called New England home. Members of the Shaker community settled in Pittsfield, Massachusetts after two farmers donated a parcel of land to the believers in the 1780s. By the early 1800s, the community had grown to
about 300 people and 3,000 acres of land.

The Shakers held religious beliefs that many people find peculiar. Regardless, they had an interesting way of living life and organizing their communities. You can catch a glimpse of their Spartan lifestyle at Hancock Shaker Village. Archeologists have uncovered and restored many of the village’s original buildings. The museum also features living exhibitions, where you can watch people reenact the Shaker approach to living.

Image via Flickr by dicktay2000

What historic and modern sites do you plan to visit the next time you go to New England? Do these destinations interest you, or do you have other places in mind?