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Tours to Morocco from Australia/Morocco packages from australia

Visit this North African country, enjoy the sun, admire the luxurious Islamic architecture, and explore hundreds of years of religious history. Our Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia to discover the  famous for its gorgeous architecture and its red and golden scenery. Explore this North African country and discover all kinds of picturesque terrain, from desert dunes to sandy beaches to towering mountains. plan your Morocco tours from Australia.

Modern Morocco is still largely affected by the conquest of Islam in 670 AD, and the country is still an Arab country that observes Muslim customs and festivals. Although Morocco began to be colonized by France in 1912, Morocco gained complete independence under colonial rule in 1956.

Visit prosperous cities with a tours to Morocco from Australia, such as Casablanca, which is famous for the movie of the same name. In Fez, stroll through the atmospheric streets of the historic Fez Medina and practice your bargaining skills. Buy exotic spices and high-quality fabrics from local suppliers, then taste spicy Moroccan cuisine from a food cart.

Another popular city destination in Marrakech, this is home to the vibrant Jemaa el Fna square. Watching magicians perform tricks, acrobats flying in the air, while being cheered by the public.

Traveling To Morocco from Australia to Head  the Atlantic coast of Morocco, which stretches for miles of sandy beaches. You can surf in the clear waters of Taghazout, relax under an umbrella on the beach of El Jadida or experience the bustling seaside town of Agadir. For a more active holiday, try mountain biking on the rugged terrain of the Atlas Mountains.

Many international flights land at Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca. Take train or bus from Casablanca to other major cities. For those who want to explore some remote destinations in the country, car rental is a good option. In the city, consider renting a motorcycle or scooter to shuttle on the streets. 

As long as the local conservative atmosphere is respected, locals are usually friendly to foreigners. Please remember that Friday is a holy day, so please check the opening hours in advance. Drinking is allowed in licensed hotels and tourist areas, but drinking in other places is prohibited. Women should dress modestly in public places, especially when visiting religious sites.

Come to Morocco packages from australia to explore the unique cultural experience and natural scenery that will fill you with awe and inspiration

Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia  make the most of your adventure Morocco tours from Australia & Traveling to morocco from Australia

When you start telling your friends that you are thinking of vacationing in Morocco, most of them will be enthusiastic about you and some may have reservations, but they’ll likely all started trying to give you travel advice to Morocco even though they haven’t done so before.

You will do your best if you consider useful Our Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco & packages from australia advice in this guide instead of listening to the potentially bad advice that you need to gets answers for so that you can enjoy your vacation to the best of its ability. These frequently asked questions are just what you need to know before embarking on an adventure in Morocco. 

Are There Any Tourist Visa Requirements?

Morocco currently does not require a tourist visa for a stay of less than 90 days. The same is true for work visas or student visas. If you intend to extend your stay for more than 90 days, you must obtain the appropriate authorization. The Moroccan authorities have the right to change this requirement at any time, so you should check before making final travel arrangements.

You should also check with your country/region what you need to Use Singular Verb *. Most countries/regions require you to have a passport or other ID. The most important Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia advice for Morocco is to makes sure you can go home.

What to Bring When Traveling to Morocco?

When Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia, it seems necessary to bring all your belongings and the kitchen sink, but remember that this is not the tent, camel and Bedouin scene you have seen in movies in the past. You will find all the typical amenities in the hotel, especially those selected by travel companies for their customers. If you are flying long-distance, you may need to bring a few pieces of toilet paper with you, but you don’t need to put them in your purse during the journey.

One of the most worrying issues with clothes is clothes. Unless you live in an area with large temperature fluctuations, you may not be prepared for the speed of temperature changes. This is true when living in a region and traveling throughout Morocco. Morocco’s diverse ecosystem means that a day trip can take you from the desert temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit to the 80 degrees Celsius along the coast or the extreme cold of the Atlas Mountains.

The key to overcoming these extreme temperature changes is through the layers. For those hot conditions, a single layer is lightweight, then a lightweight jacket is added, and finally it becomes heavier as the temperature drops, and you are ready for any preparations. You can also ask your guide for advice on Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia in the area, so you can fill it up but not too much.

You may want to bring some other items, including high-quality sunglasses that can withstand the strong desert sun, comfortable hiking shoes, an excellent Morocco travel guide planning to travel anywhere in Morocco, and essential extra luggage to take home. Likewise, You will find all the great deals. Wonderful markets all over the country.

What Time Of Year Is The Best Time To Visit Morocco?

When deciding the best time of year to visit Morocco, a lot depends on where you are going and the experience you want to gain. Just like vacationing in other countries, if you want to own the entire country, you will want to be on the beach in summer, in cold activities in winter, and somewhere in the off-season. Morocco tours from Australia & Traveling to morocco from Australia

During the peak tourist season from July to September, you can enjoy the lively experience of Morocco. Due to heavy traffic and the fasting month of Ramadan, you may encounter some travel inconveniences, but you will love the festive atmosphere. From a weather point of view, the coastline and mountains will be pleasant, but if you plan to be completely inland, be aware that Marrakech and other central cities are hot and miserable.


If you are considering the Marrakech area and want to enjoy more comfortable temperatures during the day, please consider traveling from November to March. The weather is clear and you can enjoy the magnificent view of the Atlas Mountains, but remember that the night can be very cold.


Many people think that spring is the best time. The crowd has not arrived yet, the air is fresh and clean, the scenery is not obstructed by the haze, and there is still snow on the mountain top. If you plan to visit the mountains during this period, please pay attention to the conditions, because rain and snow will cause some sinister roads and potential flooding.


Although the decision is based on the seasonal climate, another consideration is to plan your trip to Morocco to coincide with an Islamic holiday. For tourists and Moroccans, this time is a joyous festival. Along with the aforementioned Ramadan, consider Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Fitr, Ras Asana and Mulud.

What Are The Best Things To See In Morocco?

With so many attractions and activities in Morocco, it is a challenge to come up with a list of the best things. That is to say, but, especially when time is limited, there are some opportunities that you don’t want to miss.

Although it is always related to personal preference, some things are completely different from what you missed when you returned to Morocco. For example, when you watch the sunrise or sunset against the backdrop of the golden and huge Chagaga sand dunes Erg, you will get an amazing experience and amazing photos.

Morocco has an extraordinary history, so anyone with insight is a good choice. Consider visiting Ait Ben Haddou. This traditional mud brick city is well preserved, and you may recognize it from many movies that use it as a filming location. You also need to visit Berber villages to experience Moroccan life.

Of course, enjoying the beautiful scenery between the coastline, desert and mountains is also essential. Take some time to stop and see the historic castles, famous mosques, beautiful gardens and stunning scenery. When it comes to getting the best travel from Morocco, one of Morocco’s best travel tips is to consult a travel company. You will get the best travel advice in Morocco and avoid any problem areas.

Extended reading: Morocco tourist attractions


In general, your tour guide will be one of the best resources for travel advice in Morocco once you get there. They can guide you to great destinations, answer your questions about local customs and laws, and sometimes act as a negotiator to gets those special souvenirs. If you have stayed with a tour company before you are departed on your vacation, they will likely be able to answer those questions that need answering before your arrival as well.

This high-quality Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia would make a great read on the trip as well. The more you know, the better you will enjoy your vacation. Sticking to Moroccan travel advice from trusted sources is your best option. Feel free to contact-us

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Customized Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia

We know that no other tour operator can provide a wider range of Tours to Morocco from Australia &Morocco packages from australia than ours. Even with so many types of trips, we appreciate the fact that our existing travel packages may not be suitable for everyone who wants to visit this spectacular country.

To overcome this challenge, we also provide customizable private tours of Morocco. If after browsing the various tours we currently offer, if you don’t find one you like, please contact our customer service department directly, or click on the links on most website pages and tell us exactly what you want what.

Our energetic team of travel representatives will be happy to work with you to design a Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia itinerary that perfectly suits your individual needs.

Weather in Morocco

Unlike people from many other countries, Australians are usually used to warm weather, so the weather in Morocco is usually not the main cause of the concern. In the fact, depending on the geographic location of Morocco, you might even find the weather will to be more comfortable than Australia.

 For example, the weather in the coastal areas of Morocco is usually mild and pleasant all year round, and the annual average daytime temperature in places such as Rabat and Agadir is below 20 years old.

The new part of the city took place in Rabat, Morocco on July 23, 2014. This city is located on the Atlantic Ocean at the mouth of Bou Regreg river of Rabat in Morocco.

Marrakech is a landlocked city, so it is different. In summer, it is not uncommon for the temperature will here to be around 38 degrees Celsius. However, most people who visit Morocco tends to only stay in this charming city for two to three days before moving on.

Of course, when you book a Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia through us, most of your time in Marrakech will be spent on air-conditioned comfort, so even the temperature in summer is not a big problem.

Tours to Morocco from Australia  Morocco packages from australia

Visa Requirements for People Traveling on Australian from Morocco Passports

If you travel to Morocco with an Australian passport, you can enter the Kingdom of Morocco without a visa and stay for no more than 90 days. If your stay will exceed 90 days, you must go to the police station closest to the area where you live, and then apply for a residence permit. These are usually not difficult to obtain, but you must apply before the original 90-day entry expires. Traveling To Morocco from Australia

Tours to Morocco from Australia & Morocco packages from australia Route-Sahara Desert

All visitors to Morocco must carry a passport, which is valid for the duration of their stay in the country. Australian tourists without an Australian passport cannot apply for a Moroccan visa in Australia. Instead, they need to apply in their country of a residence. If the country of a residence does not has a Moroccan embassy, they needed to apply for a visa in the nearest country/a region where an embassy is available.

Tours to Morocco from Australia  Morocco packages from australia

Stay safe in Morocco

There are currently no international travel warnings for Morocco. As far as tourists are concerned, the country has an excellent safety record. You can enjoy a trip to Morocco from Australia without worrying about your personal safety, but travelers are still urged to be vigilant, especially near very popular tourist attractions.

Top 7 airlines flying from Australia to Morocco

Oman Air  

Air France  


Qatar Airways

Etihad Airways  


Qantas Airways

Destination points for flights from Australia to Morocco

. Flight to Casablanca from Australia

. Flight to Rabat from Australia

. Flight to Marrakech from Australia

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