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Travel to Morocco from Canada & Morocco tours from Canada

morocco tours from toronto

When people throw away the word, “exotic, they may be referring to place like Morocco.

with Morocco travel from Canada & Morocco tours from Canada (Toronto) can know  is not unusual for a camel to ride on a sand dune and where the sun shines on the horizon. In tagines, where saffron and argan are scattered, carpet traders bargain at the fair, and Berber tribes graze goats on the slopes of the High Atlas Mountains.

A trip to Morocco from Canada & Morocco tours from Canada (Toronto) can basically solve all your Arabian Lawrence fantasies (all the way to the whirlpool of white djellabas): you will stay in the historic riad, camp under the stars of the Sahara desert, and enjoy some classics Maghreb hospitality (usually a lot of couscous). Whether it’s the wind-swept port town of Essaouira, the red city of Marrakech, or the deserted Huasca and oasis.

travel to morocco from canada Morocco tours from Canada
travel to morocco from canada Morocco tours from Canada

Canadian citizens no need visa for travel to Morocco/ Morocco tours from Canada

Canadian passport holders can enter Morocco visa-free. They can enter up for 90 days. Any individual seeking a visa to enters Morocco must hold a passport valid for six months. the visa is no required to travel from Canada to Morocco. So, start packing your luggage and let’s plan the trip!.

Canada to Morocco flight information

  • The most popular airlines flying from Canada to Morocco are Delta Air Lines, TAP Air Portugal, KLM
  • The most popular city destinations in Morocco are Marrakesh, Casablanca, Agadir, Fes and Tangier

Popular Airlines flying from Canada to Morocco

Looking for a Travel to Morocco from Canada?

travel to morocco from canada Morocco tours from Canada

From the moment you arrive with our Morocco tours from canada, Morocco will attack your senses: unfamiliar spices make your nostrils are itchy, the sun is dazzling, intoxicating music and screaming vendors are everywhere. Take a private trip to Morocco and our Morocco travel from Canada you can  get lost in the old open-air market, or sample new foods in the company of a local guide by your side.


At Djemaa El-Fna, the famous red city square in Marrakech, you can witness everything from snake charmers , storytellers to male belly dancers. If you want to really enjoy it, you can enjoy steam baths or spa treatments in the city’s historic Turkish baths-some of these traditional baths date back to the 17th century.

Stroll through the ancient medina of Tangier; in the labyrinth-like maze covered by the market, you are sure to find bargains to take home. Do you want to take risks? Consider hiking in the Atlas Mountains and stop along the way to visit remote Berber villages.


Your guide will be happy to tailor a private Morocco tour to suit your unique interests in this colorful country. Just contact us.

We would like to help you! Your trip, your budget, your pace

If you are looking for a private travel to morocco from canada & Morocco tours from Canada, we will be happy to help you! We focus on helping people all over the world, including many Canadians, experience the real Morocco. Morocco is currently the most important tourist destination in North Africa.

Can I travel to Morocco from Canada?

the entry and the exit: Starting at midnight on December 20, the Moroccan government will suspend a business until the further notice of all direct flights to multiple European countries. Passengers arriving in Morocco by air are not allowed to enter Morocco. Starting at 11pm on March 30, 2021, the Moroccan government has suspended all flights until further notice between Morocco, France and Spain. All passengers from those countries/regions are not allowed to enter Morocco through another country/region. The only exceptions are flights, cargo and medical flights.

Getting travel to Morocco from Canada

The easiest way to enter Morocco may be to bounce back from Europe and then enter North Africa. There are daily flights from every major city in Europe, so you can easily reach Morocco from Canada.

For those who want more adventure, you can cross Spain by ferry. Your personal driver will meet you in Tangier and start your best trip to Morocco. If you want to know more about our trip to Morocco from Spain, please check the information.

Do you need help with your  Morocco tours  from Canada?

Our company is owned and managed by Berber who is Moroccan and speaking French, English, Spanish, Berber, and Arabic, so, we have the unique ability to meet your communication needs and become the creation and a completion of a reliable local expertan ‘s trip from Canada to Morocco

We specialize in luxury trips to Morocco, honeymoons and other high-end holidays. We provide a set of standard tours, but we are also happy to create customized tours according to your preferences and needs. So whether you want to go to the beaches of Agadir, the mountains of Chefchaouen, or the snake charmer in Jmaa Al Fnaa in Marrakesh, we can meet your needs.

Our service starts when you personally selected a driver meets you at your port or an airport, but we think it will be helpful if we provide you have with tips learned from our Morocco travel experience to Canada.

                *Easily pick up at the port of your choice

                *An excellent English-speaking driver

                *Tour as you like

                *A quick response from Moroccan experts

               *An unforgettable journey

However, don, ‘t just believe our words, this is the recommendation of our customers!

Here are some trips you can trusting. We look forward to hearing from you!.

Explore our Morocco tours from Canada

Customized Affordable Luxury tours – Private Morocco Experiences

Best of Morocco – 15 Days

The best of Morocco is our most popular tour! See the culture, and style that Morocco must offer. From the ancient medinas of Fez and Marrakech to the night in the Sahara Desert. Your selected English-speaking driver will show you the real Morocco. Imagine yourself drinking a cup of mint tea, overlooking the 1200-year-old Fes Medina or enjoying cooking class by a Moroccan chef.

15 days private transportation

Personally selected drivers who can speak English

14 nights  the real Moroccan Riad

Sahara Desert Tour

Camel trekking overnight in Berber luxury camps

Tour guide in Fez &Marrakech

Authentic Morocco – 12 Days

The Authentic Morocco is A favorite trip! From Canada to Morocco, will have created this amazing Morocco journey. Putting together top 5 attractions in Morocco, the authentic Morocco will taking you to ChefchaouenFes Medina, Sahara Desert, Marrakech and Essaouira. You will discover a special place in Morocco. Imagine yourself spending the night in a luxurious Berber tent or a 5-star riad.

12 days private transportation

Personally selected drivers who can speak English

11 nights  the real Moroccan Riaz

Sahara Desert Tour-Camel, Guide and Tent

Guided Tour

Kingdom of Morocco — 10 days

The Kingdom of Morocco is for history lovers! Enjoy an empire holiday tour at a slow pace for 10 days. You will have time to stroll and explore the city; do it yourself or under your guidance. Imagine you are exploring the maze of streets in the walled cities of Fez and Marrakech, or negotiating carpets in Berber, houses…

*10 days private transportation
*Personally selected drivers who can speak English
*9 nights  the real Moroccan Riad
*Guided Tour

NOTE : At Morocco Epica Travel Agency we offer Luxury & Standard accommodations Tour from Casablanca To Casablanca via Chefchaouen ( the blue city of Morocco),  Local Guide in Fes & Marrakech , visiting the Sahara Desert & Camel Trek,

So please feel free to contact-us

Book Your Morocco Tours from canada with Morocco Epica Travel Agency , We have Luxury & Standart options for our guests .