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Traveling is a part of our lives. It can be business travel, family things, and vacation travel that we may encounter in our lifetime. However, out of all of those the toughest one can be vacation travel because of traveling with kids. There is no reason to kill you trying to accomplish this. We are here to make that chore an enjoyment and for you to enjoy that vacation!

Where’s the Snacks?

The first rule of thumb when traveling with children is always has snacks available! From the dawn of time, children have been bribed, quieted, and calmed with food. So why not give it a try? This is especially true for car rides. Parents get so tired of hearing “Are we there yet?” and “I have to go to the bathroom” but sometimes food can calm the senses.

  • Pack a bag full of healthy, fun snacks for the kids to enjoy
  • Gummy bears and apple slices can be a big hit!

Don’t forget the Nintendo DS!

In this day and age kids love their handheld electronic games. This has to be the best distraction ever when traveling kids. Of course, these electronic games had to be designed by a parent because, well they understand kids! These games keep the children’s mind busy and off of the long trip. The handheld games are great for flying also, but be sure your airline allows it.

  • Games to distract the mind are important it keeps kids from driving their parents crazy!
  • The smallest of brainteasers can be the best way to keep them occupied!

Flying with a car seat? Really?

If your trip involves flying and your child still sits in a car seat it is important to bring that with you. However, the first thought that comes to mind has to lug that car seat through an airport. What a hassle right? It does not have to be with the traveling toddler car seat accessory. This allows the car seat to be attached to rolling luggage so all you have to do is wheel your child through the airport. There is no awkward lifting or carrying of that car seat. Let your child ride in safety without killing yourself with getting it there.

  • A traveling toddler car seat accessory is a must have for that frequent flyer!
  • Seat safety is important on planes, just like cars. Make your child safe by bringing that car seat!



Mom, I got to go to the bathroom…

Yes, we all know this happens more often than not. Children have to go to the bathroom ten times more often than adults. That is just a part of life. Do not be discouraged if you have to stop often for them. Pit stops are something that should be planned in the trip when driving a long distance.  So before you child starts crying in the back seat, stop and stretch your legs and let your child use the restroom.

  • Plan for the pit stops, it will make the drive more enjoyable!
  • Always remember that accidents do happen and bring extra clothes just in case.




Traveling with kids can be fun; you just have to make it that way. There is no reason to kill yourself over getting your children to the destination safely. Plan, plan, and plan some more. It may seem like a lot before your trip to do it, but in the end you will be saving yourself a lot of time, stress and well sanity!