Grand Canyon Hiking

The Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most awesome places to visit on the planet. The park is also a great place to enjoy an inexpensive excursion, especially when hiking is the chosen activity.

When planning to take a hiking trip, packing the proper gear is important. Temperatures around, and definitely inside the canyon, can get extremely hot during the warmer months of the year so when planning a summer trip, take clothing appropriate for hiking, like durable shorts, tops made from breathable materials, and sandals.

Often you will see women in hiking sandals and the rest of the family in sneakers or boots. However, even for guys who might think otherwise, well-fitting men’s sport sandals are the most practical and comfortable Grand Canyon hiking footwear.

Grand Canyon HikingThe Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is just what the name says, a huge, vast canyon, but it is so much more. Words fail to describe the experience of being in the presence of this amazing, ancient natural monument.

While scientists do not agree on how the crevices and rock formations were formed, many love to study the canyon, rocks, and layers.

People from all over the world come to visit the area and explore the chiseled depths with the Colorado River running through it.

When to Go for Hiking

Any season is perfect for hiking in the Grand Canyon National Park. Of course inside the canyon, precautions should be taken for the heat during the summer. The South Rim is open all year, but the North Rim is only open between mid-May and mid-October.

Trail Options

With the many trails the Grand Canyon National Park has, the trail options are numerous. All hikers should read through the park hiking information as well as safety and park rules. Then, individual ability and interests as well as weather and the time available for hiking influence the decision of where and how far to hike.

Hard – No trail entering or coming up out of the canyon is easy, and no one should attempt to reach the river and return to the top in one day. Vigorous descent requires a long climb to return, but can mean rich rewards in achievement and finding hidden canyon treasures.

Easy – The South and North Rims have many rim trails, and many paths are almost entirely level. These pathways offer some of the most impressive views of the canyon. The North Rim has fewer visitors and provides quiet trails for wildlife viewing. Rim trails are the paths best suited for day hikes.

Guided Canyon Tours

Guided canyon tours are offered both in the North and South Rims. Rangers lead hikes in all seasons of the year. The park entrance station will hand guests the park’s newspaper and inside the paper are the schedules of ranger guided walks and hikes. Additionally, you can chose to do a guided rafting trip, mule ride or even an air tour. The options are endless.