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5 best Must Have International Air Travel Accessories

 Travel Accessories,as a traveler who considers herself the rugged and independent type, I absolutely hate products that cost much but prove to have little value when you hit the runway. Still, after years of traveling experience, I’ve learned there are a few indispensable items that make traveling infinitely more convenient of a travel accessories.  


Travel Accessories

1 Neck pillow

Before investing in a neck pillow, traveling on long flights was a nightmare. Flaps on plane seats are never substantial enough to serve as a prop for sleeping, and trying to fall asleep sitting straight up always ended in disaster in which I would wake up on my neighbor’s shoulder, drooling. A neck pillow is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to improve the quality of your flight. You’ll sleep well without having a neck pains once you disembark.



2 Converter

For international travel accessories, an international adapter converter is absolutely essential. Especially if you are traveling to several different countries at once, ensuring that all your gizmos and gadgets are in working order necessitates having a converter that adapts to the many different plug types that different countries may use.




3 Standard Carry-On

One thing that drives me crazy when traveling is intending to carry on a specific item on the plane, only to be told that my suitcase or bag is too big. Purchasing a standard carry-on suitcase is perfect because it adheres to most major airlines regulations on dimensions for carry-on bags. This way, you’ll never have to check another carry-on again of a travel accessories.  


4 Passport/Boarding Pass Holder

When traveling abroad, having all your documents in order can be a huge hassle especially if you have a huge purse or backpack that carries all your essentials. Showing your passport and related documents to customs officials and others at the airport becomes so much easier once you have a special holder designed to carry these items.



5 Travel Phone Charger

I don’t know about you, but I always have problems keeping my phone charged, even when not traveling. If you will be taking plenty of long flights on your journey, your phone will invariably run out of battery, which can be extremely inconvenient if you use your phone to keep in touch with family or to respond to emails from work. A travel phone charger uses a battery that recharges itself, and it is usually small enough to fit in any pocket.

Having traveled accessories internationally for decades now, I can say without hesitation that these items I never leave home without.